Apple computer repair: What to expect

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Apple computer repair

Mac hard drive upgrades are one of the most common repairs or modifications we carry out. As computer repair technicians who specialise in Mac repair, it’s our job to know the pros and cons. These differ according to type of Mac upgrades or modifications.

Apple Mac Hard drive replacement

One of the modifications we most commonly do is Mac hard drive replacement. It sounds simple enough – right? Just open the back of your laptop or PC, pop out the old mechanical hard drive, and pop the new one in. Unfortunately, Apple Macs are very different to your bog-standard Windows computers.

The interior of a Mac is much more complicated and requires your Mac engineer to have a very firm grasp on carrying out the task. Each Apple Mac repair has it’s own challenges.

Also, a mechanical hard drive and an SSD operate in a very different fashion. So reconnecting the new SSD can be a time consuming and technical process in itself.

Apple Mac Screen replacement and removal

Access to the hard drive, for example, isn’t as easy as you’d think. In iMacs produced post 2014, Apple did something very silly. They decided to make it as difficult as possible for the Apple Mac screens to be removed. On pre 2014 Apple iMacs, for example, the screen is held on securely with magnets. All you need to access the hard drive, is use some special suckers, and disengage the screen.

Apple Mac repair challenges

Unfortunately, post 2014, Apple decided to stop using the magnet system on their iMac and Macbook screens. For the Macbooks, it made sense, because they were concentrating on reducing the weight of the computer. But for the desk-bound iMac, the reasoning wasn’t so clear. Instead, they use glue, which needs to be very gently removed in a process that is much more time consuming than simply popping off the magnified screen. Another disadvantage to the glue, is that when trying to release the bond, you risk breaking the screen in the process. That is always discussed with the customer prior to the repair – because a new screen can cost upwards of £500.

Apple Mac screen replacement

Not only that, but if the computer has been previously repaired, very often, the workmanship involved in setting the screen back in place, will be sub-standard. Many Mac repair technicians use an inferior type of bond to re-set the screen. Of course, once it’s already been removed, removing it a second time increases the likelihood of actual screen damage. Chips can be made around the rim of the screen too, which has been previously removed. This leads to dust and a damage to the LCD unit.

Apple Mac screen replacement over-glass

Finally, the worst thing Apple did was make the over-glass of their iMac screens, unavailable to Apple technicians. When the top layer of glass on a Macbook screen or iMac screen gets broken, the entire LCD unit must be replaced. Often this can cost the customer £500 or more. Even more disgraceful is the fact that the perfectly good LCD unit underneath the broken over-glass, is usually undamaged and perfectly reusable. Or at least it would be if we could offer customers the option to fit an over-glass screen replacement.

Ultimately, Apple needs to reconsider its policies on repair services. With more than 50,000 tonnes of e-waste being discarded every year in the united states alone, we need to find ways of reducing the amount of tech that gets thrown away.

Apple Mac repair near me

We are the number one Mac repair service in Suffolk. At Darcy Consulting, we take the matter of e-waste very seriously and where possible, we recycle parts and dispose responsibly of those we can’t. We also offer free collection and delivery of the machines we service, making our business super convenient for busy professionals who don’t have time to drive and drop off their computers for repair. Contact us today to find out more.





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