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Apple Ipswich

Apple is planning a major re-vamp of all Apple products in 2020, rumours suggest. The tech giant which leads the way in computer development globally, will be re-visiting the designs of the iMac, the MacBook Pro and MacBook Air, the Mac Mini, the Apple Watch, the iPod and the iPad.

As Apple technicians and enthusiasts, we’re wondering if the new drive towards redesigning Apple’s core products, is due to head designer, Sir Jonathon Ive leaving the company after 30 years of service. Ive is launching a new company in Silicone Valley that will add Apple to its client list. Talk about getting a leg up with a new venture.

Mac Mini

First in the queue for a revamp is the Mac Mini. According to sources, Mac specialist are assessing the current mac Mini design, which hasn’t been updated since 2014. Currently, users are complaining about the fact that this member of the Apple mac family is nothing but a stand-alone box with little or no design inspiration.


The flagship computers of the Apple range will also undergo a revamp. While we always expect Apple to come up with some new and cool features when their next gen Macs are released, of late, the MacBook range has been a little uninspired. Yes, the design gets slightly thinner and sleeker with each new release. But users – we think, want more.

Rumour has it that Apple will also be launching an economical version of the MacBook Pro and MacBook Air. A Mac repair specialist take on this news is this; Do we really need more Mac versions? Currently, MacBook Air is the lower priced MacBook for users. Furthermore, in terms of MacBook repair and recycling tech, we’d prefer Apple to revamp their e-waste policies. Apple needs to make it easier and more economical for users to buy reconditioned Macs instead of new computers. However, Apple is keen to appeal to a lower budget market by offering a new, lower-priced computer, rather than a repaired Mac.

iPad makeover

Also getting a design detox is the iPad – mini and full-size versions. Taking a leaf out of the new iPhone designs, both gadgets will be noticeably thinner. We’re not sure this is the best idea. One of the best attributes of Apple designed computers and gadgets, is the fact that they are very well built and robust. Going thinner may look cool, but this drive towards anorexic tech does nothing to improve the robust nature of the device. Look at the iPhone 5 for example. Yes, the design was a little brick-like. But thickness of the frame added to the longevity of the tech – and made the iPhone 5 the most popular global iPhone design produced to date. As the fashion industry is discovering, thinner is not always better.

As a certified Mac technician, the news that Apple is bringing out thinner designs, simply means we’ll be busier than ever. And that’s not good news for the user – or the environment.

Wireless charging

One revamp we’re very pleased to hear about it the big push towards wireless charging of all Apple devices. As Mac repair experts, one of the most frequent complaints we have hear of from users is that their MacBook charging cables have broken – and they are very expensive to replace. We would always recommend users go for the original Apple parts, which come in at around £60 a pop. That’s very expensive then you consider most Windows laptop cables cane be replaced for less than half that price. And cables by their very nature are not long lived. Wireless charging for your MacBook would be an incredibly useful upgrade.

Apple Watch

Another change we can all get on board with are the reported changes that will be made toe the iWatch. Apple has said that the iWatch models of the future will have larger screens – between 1.57 inches to 1.78 inches square depending on the model you choose. That’s a big improvement on the current design which sees the screen at 1.32 inches square.

Apple Ipswich Mac Repair

At Darcy Consulting, we repair all Apple Mac models. Our certified Apple Mac technicians are experts in their fields. We would always prefer to see an Apple Mac repaired and upgraded, than a brand new machine being purchased. This is because we are big supporters of the recycling and repairing philosophy. If you have a slow Apple Mac, if you’ve spilled coffee on your MacBook, or you are simply looking for faster performance, call us today at our Apple Ipswich repair centre on 01473854011.

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