Apple Mac Repairs: How much will it cost to fix my Mac?

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Apple Mac Repairs: How much will it cost to fix my Mac? Costs to repair your Apple Mac will vary according to the age and actual repair you require for your computer. But repairing your Mac will, almost certainly, be far cheaper that buying a new computer.

One of the best things about buying an Apple Mac in the first place, is that you are investing well in your tech. Apple Macs are built to last – and to be repaired. Did you know that the average lifespan of a Windows laptop or PC is just five years? You might have spent £500 on that computer, but due to hard drive burn outs, screens breaking down or even the processors becoming outdated, it will become uneconomical to repair it within a short time frame.

The good thing about Apple Macs is their longevity. These days, we are all concerned about our impact on the planet and how much plastic we discard. But we should all be much more worried about the enormous piles of tech waste the West is generating. That’s why it’s essential to invest in a computer that will last – and be repairable. Apple Macs provide that solution to users. While Windows PCs and laptops can be repaired, unfortunately, it’s often more cost effective to buy a new machine instead.

So, just how much does it cost to replace Apple Mac parts? Read on for a breakdown of costs which could save you from buying a new computer.

New Apple Mac screens

First of all, you’ll have the cost of a new screen part. Price varies largely on whether that screen if your screen is a retina display or just the usual LCD. For an LCD, the parts can come in at £90. For a retina display Mac screen, the costs will go up to £320 plus. You will need to factor in the manual labour costs on top of the parts. However, a good third party Mac specialist will always be cheaper than the Apple dealership repair costs. Ultimately, it’s sensible to do the maths. A brand-new Apple MacBook Pro will sent you back £1,250.  Your repaired MacBook could run happily for many more years with a new screen. It’s definitely worth the investment.

Replacing you Apple Mac hard drive

Occasionally it might be necessary to replace your Apple Mac’s hard drive. This is true of Mac Minis, iMacs and MacBook Pros and MacBook Airs. Think about fitting the most up to date SSD you can. SSD stands for Solid State Drive. And before 2013, Macs were not fitted with them as standard. Even if your Mac does have an SSD, technology has moved on and the newest SSD’s on the market will provide fantastic performance power for your Apple Mac. A new SSD is a guaranteed way of giving your Mac a huge boost in terms of speed and memory, without replacing your computer. Costs vary, once again, depending on model of your Mac and the type of SSD you choose. A new SSD will cost you anything from between £120 to over £600. We at Darcy Consulting, install them starting from £145 including labour.

Diagnostic Apple Mac repair

It could be that your hard drive just needs a clean up and there are few software issues that are clogging up it’s performance. If this is the case, your Apple Mac computer or laptop can be booked in for a diagnostic repair service. Most third party Mac specialists carry out this work. At Darcy Consulting we charge a flat £25 fee for running a diagnostic repair on your computer. When you consider that cost against the expense of buying a new Mac – even one that is reconditioned, you’ll agree it makes sense to go for the repair route before any other action is taken.

Darcy Consulting Ipswich: We repair all Apple Mac computers. Our repair technicians at Mac certified. We also offer FREE collection and delivery of your Apple Mac in the Suffolk area. So, we can pick up computers from your home or place of work, and deliver them back, working beautifully, for no additional charge. Call us today on Ipswich 01473 8345011 to book a repair slot.

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