Apple Mac screen repair: is the cost worth it?

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Apple Mac screen repair: is the cost worth it? Our answer is YES. Of course it’s worth repairing your Apple Mac screen. Whether it’s for your iMac or your MacBook Pro, replacing parts is always going to be cheaper than buying a new computer. Not only that, but we all have a responsibility to cut down on our waste. Did you know that e-waste is the biggest polluting factor next to single use plastic?

The trashing of broken computers, smartphones and home appliances has reached crisis point. Most computers (with Windows operating systems) aren’t even designed to last more than five years! Did you know that the same design attitude is applied to washing machines too? Just think about the amount of waste each human being creates as we merrily chuck out our tech and appliances. It’s honestly, it’s a mind-boggling thought.

So yes, choosing Apple Mac screen repair is definitely worth it – not only for financial cost – but for the planet too. And that saving you’ll make on the repair even translates to the most expensive screens with retina capability.

Can I replace my Apple MacBook Pro screen?

You absolutely can – and it’s not as difficult as you’d think. Costs vary, but screen replacements for MacBook Pros range from £90 to £350 – not including labour costs. The actual repair fee will depend on what your local Apple Mac screen repair specialist charges for such a service.

Can I replace my Apple MacBook tracking pad?

Again, this is a very easily fixed problem and one that will make you fall in love with your amazing computer all over again. Let’s face it. Apple Macs are an investment. You pay in excess of £1,200 for a new Apple Mac. Replacing your tracking pad can range in price from £26 to £126 depending on which part you decide to buy. Any repair will add on additional labour costs.

How much does it cost to replace my Apple Macbook battery?

Assuming that your battery does actually need replacing, a new Apple Mac battery will set you back around £120. A new Apple Macbook Pro or Air battery will help your computer in terms of powering up and even running speed. However, be sure to do a proper diagnostic test on your battery to make sure that’s where the problem lies. You can find out more info on our blog about batteries here.

Can I replace my Apple MacBook keyboard?

Usually, yes. But the reason for replacing your Apple MacBook keyboard needs to be properly assessed. For example, it you have split coffee or water – or any liquid on your keyboard, an assessment will need to be carried out by a Mac technician. Or, you might just need to replace a couple of sticky keys rather than the entire keyboard – and that’s also a possibility. A new keyboard will set you back anything from £30 to £130 – but that’s all dependent on if you want a backlit keyboard – or if that keyboard is a genuine Apple Mac product. At Darcy Consulting, we only use official Apple Mac replacement parts.

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