Apple Mac Specialists Ipswich: Top tips for first-time Mac users

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Apple Mac Specialists Ipswich: Apple Macs are increasing in popularity for several reasons. Firstly, they are fantastic computers that are well worth the investment. The initial cost of an Apple Mac can be offset on it’s longevity and the fact that you can easily upgrade your Mac.

Regular Apple Mac services will ensure that your computer last for years. So yes, while it is expensive to spent £1,000 or more on a computer, most buyers are now looking at the longer-term picture.

E-waste is a big problem globally, and the longer your tech can last, the better it is for the planet too. We are dedicated to repairing and recycling components wherever possible, precisely because of this issue. But, if you are a first-time Apple Mac user, here are a few tips to help you cross over from your Windows comfort zone.

So, if our have recently acquired a new Apple Mac, or you have recently purchased a second hand Mac, read on for our favourite user tips.

Batch-rename files at one time on an Apple Mac

When you have a lot of files to rename, it’s a boring job. Luckily, Apple Macs make this usual data entry sludge of a task much faster, by offering you the option to batch rename files all in one go. This is especially useful if you’ve got a bunch of holiday photos stored at their file name codes. By renaming them in one move, you can file them neatly, and find them again through searching for the new file name.

Simply select all the files that require renaming. Hit a right click and select Rename. You are then given three options of the file name to change, so you can be super-specific about the file name.

Your Apple Mac can still run Windows

Why you’d want to go to the expense of buying an Apple Mac, and then using it as though it’s still a Windows PC is beyond us as Apple Mac specialists. But there is no accounting for taste – and you really want to, you can run Windows as your operating system. Simply go to your applications folder, select the Utilities folder, and then access the app called Bootcamp.

This programme will divide your hard drive so you can run two operating systems at once – Apple iOS and Windows. It’s not a brilliant system as you can’t take files from your Windows system with your Apple system. It’s essentially like running two computers in one machine. In our experience as Apple Mac experts, it’s not the best use of your computer. But you’d be surprised how many users like this option.

Screen shots on an Apple Mac is super easy

Taking a screen shot on an Apple is a new experience for confirmed Windows users. When you take a screen shot on a Windows computer, you have to snap the entire screen – and then use another app to edit the section of screen you’d rather see. Just press hold down Shift, Cmd and 3, and you can move the cursor to select the section of the screen you want to snap.

Apple Mac Upgrades

Apple Macs can be easily upgraded so that their performance is not compromised by age. Ask your local Apple Mac repair specialist to advise you on upgrading to an SSD. Unlike the old-style hard drives with lots of moving parts, an SSD is a simple circuit board without any moveable components. The storage space it offers is far superior to an older hard drive model. It’s lighter and less vulnerable to damage too.

Apple Mac Specialists Ipswich

Darcy Consulting Apple Mac specialists are the leading Apple Mac repair experts in Ipswich. We can manage your complete Apple Mac servicing requirements. From hard drive upgrades and screen replacements, to data recovery, keyboard clinics and more.

We purposely specialize in all Apple Mac models, from iMacs and Mac Minis, to MacBook Pros, MacBook Air and more. Not only that, but we also provide a FREE collection and delivery service to customers who can’t access our central Ipswich drop-off point. Call us today for more information on 01473 845 011

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