Apple Mac Upgrades: Four tips to a faster Mac

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Mac upgrades: Apple Macs are brilliant tech – and that’s why we at Darcy consulting are so passionate about them. Quite apart form the beautiful aesthetics, Apple Macs are by far superior in design and usability than Windows PCs. The workhorse of the professional, it’s not difficult to see why they are so popular with high end business operations.

However, at some point, you will experience the dreaded slow down – especially if your Apple Mac is more than five years old. Here’s how you can improve the lifespan and work capabilities of your Apple Mac – and save the environment from e-waste too.

Mac hard drive upgrades

If your Apple Mac was built in the pre SSD (solid state drives) era, chances are, a new hard drive will totally revitalise the performance of your machine. Upgrading your Mac to an SSD will help it run faster. SSD drives are resilient too.  Because they don’t contain any moving parts, no fan is required to constantly cool the components. This means they are more resistant to water, dust and general knocks. Basically, your data will be safer.

Software upgrades for Apple Macs

Sometimes a new SSD upgrade for your Apple Mac isn’t enough. Your iOS will need upgrading too. If your software needs a spit and polish, it could be time to call in the experts. Software can be tricky at the best of times because it’s not a stable commodity. Most engineers will tell you they like working with the hardware because it’s easy to see what has gone wrong. With software, it;s a case of running diagnostics and finding out why operations are slow. Luckily, iOS is a more stable operating system than Windows, so if all is well, a tech experts will clean up your unused files and run scans to detect any possible problems. Once the glitches have been sorted out, they will upgrade your Apple Mac to the latest iOS version.

Spring clean your Apple Mac

It’s amazing how dirty our computers get. Taking a bit of time to clean the keyboard properly and remove any dust from the inside console, is part of the upgrade and maintenance service. You can shine up your Apple Mac screen using a special screen cleaner and a micro fiber cloth. Don’t use glass cleaner or alcohol and it can leave lasting damage on the fragile over glass. Back-lit keyboards can tricky to clean, but we are the experts. In fact, we can have your entire Apple Mac set up looking polished and running fast all at the same time. That’s a lot better than spending out on a new machine.

Upgrade your Apple Mac battery

Everyday use and everyday life is going to take its toll on your Apple Mac battery. Remember, your Apple Mac battery has a lifespan of approximately 1000 charges. That means that when it gets to around the 750th charge, you my well see degraded performance on your laptop. There is nothing more frustrating than a laptop with a flat battery – and if your MacBook Air or MacBook Pro is only portable through a power cable, pretty soon, it’s going to become annoying. However, if your MacBook is an older model, getting hold of the right battery can be tricky. Our Mac repair technicians can run a battery health check and find out if your portable power is about to go kaput.

Apple Mac experts

Sometimes the best way to make sure that your Mac is working as it should is to speak to someone in the know. Not only can they diagnose the issue, but they can also tell you how it can be fixed too. So, why not make sure that this is something that you do for your Mac and for yourself? Our Ipswich Mac repair specialists are brilliant at upgrades and diagnostics. This ensures your Apple Mac will soon be performing better than ever. Call us today on Ipswich 01473 854011 – or book your Apple mac into our repair workshop here: 


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