THREE Apple MacBook issues and how to fix them

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Apple MacBook Repair Ipswich: Now we’re in lock down, computer issues can be a huge worry. The fact that many of us are working from home, remotely, and we are relying on our hardware to work well, means frustration and stress all round when things go wrong.

But don’t panic. If you’re an Apple MacBook user, and your experiencing some glitchy problems, check out our five points below, which will help put things back on track.

My Apple MacBook won’t boot up properly

When issues with Apple MacBooks come along, they often include problems with start-up. Here’s what you can do if your Apple MacBook shows you the dreaded grey screen. First of all, re-boot your computer in Safe Mode. This will allow you to open your desktop and access functions that can safely diagnose your problem. Open in Safe Mode by powering up your Apple MacBook, and holding down the Shift button. Release the Shift key, and as the Apple icon disappears, your login screen should appear. Then you can run a diagnostic on your drives and find out what the problem is. Shut down your MacBook as normal, and re-open it without hitting the Shit key, for a proper re-boot.

One of my apps isn’t working

Sometimes, an app that isn’t as compatible with MOS as it should be, can hang, suddenly and freeze your MacBook. When your MacBook freezes, it generally won’t allow you to do anything on the screen, including closing the offending app. This can be worrying to the uninitiated. However, it’s easy to fix. You’ll need to opt for Force Quit. You do this by pressing Enter. The Force Quit menu is accessible by clicking on the Apple logo in the top left-hand corner of the screen. You can also short cut Force Quit by simultaneously pressing Command – Option – Escape.

I keep seeing the spinning ball

If you’re seeing this, you’re computer is running slow and this could be for a variety of reasons. Check out your Activity Monitor tool. You’ll find this in your Utilities folder, which can be accessed via the Applications folder. By using the Activity Monitor, you’ll be able to see which apps are causing issues with your systems. Remove the offending apps, restart your computer and see if this has remedied the problem.

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