Apple Repair: Five most common repairs on your Apple Mac

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Apple Repair

So, you’re thinking of buying an Apple Mac? Or perhaps you already have one. Welcome to the club. These fantastic computers really are the leaders of the PC world. With unique styling and futuristic tech, once you’ve used a Mac, you rarely want to go back to Windows – and with good reason. Apple Macs last much longer than Windows PCs. They don’t get viruses. They don’t crash. The tech is advanced and hard wearing. What’s not to like?

However, like all tech, even a Mac will suffer the odd mechanical and software failure. Granted, it happens much less than with Windows PCs. But Apple repair is occasionally needed to keep your Mac working smoothly. Here are some of the most common repairs we see as certified Mac technicians.


  • Apple Mac Touch pad replacement

If you’re using your MacBook Pro or MacBook Air as your main computer, the touch pad is going to see a significant amount of usage.  Thankfully, Apple repair costs when it comes to replacing a touch pad, are relatively low. The part itself is the most expensive item. As long as you get the right part for your particular MacBook variation, the repair can be done quickly by a good Mac repair engineer.

  • MacBook screen replacement

Replacing your screen isn’t going to be a cheap fix, and generally, we see more screen repairs required for MacBooks than iMacs. This is almost certainly due to the portability of a MacBook. When you are carrying your tech around from place to place and it’s getting lots of heavy use, accidents can and do happen. But don’t panic until you’ve spoken to your local mac technician. Screens can be replaced quickly. Again, it’s the cost of the part that can bump up the repair bill. Mac screens vary massively in size and tech. If you have retina screen, it’s very high resolution and therefore, more expensive to replace. Depending on your model, a new screen can cost up to £600 to fix. But, that’s still a whole lot cheaper than buying a new MacBook at £1,250.

  • Apple battery replacement

Replacing your battery is a very common Apple repair. The quality of your battery can effect the way your Mac operates. An old battery will slow down your operation speed, for example, which can be massively frustrating for users. You can easily check the health of your Mac battery by running a diagnostics test on your computer. The battery diagnostics tool will tell you how many times your battery has been charged and run down (called a cycle) and what the predicted longevity of it will be. A MacBook battery typically lasts for around 1,000 charges. Once the quota hits 750 charges, the performance of your battery, and therefore your MacBook, may start to be effected performance-wise. You can buy batteries online for as little as £30. But they won’t be original Apple battery parts. It’s important to make sure the spare parts you acquire are genuine Apple products. Talk to your technician about the pros and cons of Apple repair battery replacements.

  • Apple Keyboard replacement

Keyboards can take quite a hammering, especially if you do a lot of typing and have a tendency to bash the keys while doing so. Not only that, but they can get really dirty. The amount of gunk that gets removed from a keyboard during a professional clean, is honestly worthy of a YouTube video. Very often though, certain keys will need to be replaced. Depending on your type of keyboard, the expense can vary. But if you’ve already lost the use of a key of two, it’s much more prudent to replace the entire keyboard. Basically, your keys have gone because they are worn out, and you can bet others will swiftly follow. New keyboards can cost anything from £35 upwards not including the labour costs.

  • Apple hard drive replacement

If your Mac is a few years old, you’re likely to be considering a hard drive replacement. These days, the SSD drives are fantastic. From far greater durability, processing speed and less battery drainage means a solid state drive can be a real asset to your ageing Mac. One of the great things about Apple Macs is they can be upgraded and repaired. A model from 2011 can still be zipping along merrily today. How many Windows PCs can you say that about?

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