Apple Service Ipswich: FIVE ways Macs beat PCs

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Apple Service Ipswich: Five ways Macs beat PC’s: Mac’s are brilliant. The build quality, the operating systems, the styling and the tech are all streaks ahead of Windows computers. But Windows continues to be a big competitor to Apple Mac – and some users claim they could never get used to Mac after being diehard Windows fans. We plan to break this habit. Just read our five ways Mac beat PC’s below.

  • Macs look better

Let’s face it. The Mac styling is awesome. Sleek, futuristic and groundbreaking. Apple has never been afraid to make Mac design stand head and shoulders above every other computer on the market. PC’s all look the same. They are branded differently – but where is the innovation? The iMac came in seven colours. The G3 broke all styling boundaries with it’s cute, cylindrical base and flat, integrated screen. The silver buttons and icons, along with minimalist lines, paved the way for every desktop computer produced today. And then there was the iBook… The very first laptop! Let’s not forget that today, the MacBook Pro and MacBook Air have taken this to a new level with rose gold casings and the super-sleek space-age design. Apple Mac styling is super cool. There is no other way to describe it.

  • Macs last so much longer

In five years, your brand new Windows laptop will be sluggish and look totally outdated. The keyboard may be worn out, the hard drive will need replacing and it probably won’t be worth your while financially to do those repairs. Windows PC’s generally are not built to last. True, they are much, much cheaper than Macs – but that’s a deal that cuts both ways. Have you every heard the saying ‘Good things no cheap, cheap things no good’ ? That’s what you are facing when you choose Windows over Mac. A Mac from 2011 is still a brilliant machine. You can upgrade your old Mac with a new hard drive and components – and it will zip along nicely for years to come. And the comparative price will be worth it. Because it costs a lot of money to buy a new Mac – and only about 10% of that price to upgrade and repair it.

  • Macs don’t contribute less to e-waste

Because Macs last longer, they are replaced less too. Did you know that every year in the US alone, over 50,000 tons of e-waste is generated? That comprises of every tech gadget and machine we have manufactured, from TVs and smartphones to washing machines and computers. Sadly, Windows PC’s are far more readily discarded than Macs. Macs are an investment because of their high price. They are not nearly so disposable or throwaway. Deciding to use Mac is therefore better for the environment.

  • Mac security is better

Windows is generally, an outdated and insecure operating system. Back doors are being create all the time by hackers and viruses that can navigate their way into your computer and steal valuable data – even destroy all your files. Mac owners need never worry about that because iOS is so much more secure and inpenetrable. In fact Macs are so efficient and glitch free that they don’t even crash or need to be reinstalled. And if they do, there is a serious problem. It’s definitely not your run of the mill problem. In fact, Mojave OS is so efficient that it literally zips along like it’s on Teflon. No bumps or sticking points. While it’s true that Windows 10 has addressed a lot of issues, it’s still streets behind Mac.

  • Integration for Mac is awesome

Once you get into Mac, you’ll never look back. Just as Steve Jobs first pioneered the iMac and the easy way onto the internet, so Mac and iOS has become the staple of integration. You can link all your Apple devices in a trice – and have an entirely seamless network that syncs from domestic appliances to smartphones, iPads, your Mac computer and more. Mac makes it so easy for your Apple devices to communicate.

The set-up is super easy too because Mac has all the essentials already installed – and the apps really are fantastic. iMovies is brilliant for novice film makers – it’s head and shoulders about Movie maker for Windows – which you now have to pay for… And other apps such as Facetime, Maps, Numbers, Pages, Photos, GarageBand, Keynote, iTunes and more. What’s not to like?

Apple Service Ipswich

But, if you are experiencing difficulties with you Mac, panic not. We at Darcy Consulting can help you solve any problem and get you back on track with your Mac. We provide Mac upgrades, Mac data recovery, Mac hardware repair, Mac screen repair and more. Remember, a Mac is for life, not just for a year or two!

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