Buying a secondhand Apple Mac: Five tips

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Buying a secondhand Apple Mac: Let’s face it; forking out for a brand-new Apple Mac isn’t within the budget scope for a lot of people. That’s because you need deep pockets to purchase the latest Apple Mac tech. But don’t miss out on the world’s best computer systems because of your budget. Instead, look at the secondhand market, where you can pick up a reasonable Apple Mac, usually very reasonably priced. But, there are a few things you need to consider before taking the plunge with a pre-loved Apple Mac. Apple Mac’s hold their value price wise, so even though you are opting for a used model, the price tag will still be significantly higher than if you were buying a secondhand Windows computer.


  • Check the age of the Apple Mac

When buying a secondhand Apple Mac, this tip is key. You find out the age by checking the computer serial number. This will pinpoint the computer’s exact age and type. This is important information, especially if you decide later, that you’d like to upgrade your Apple Mac. Certain models are more upgradable than others. It might be the seller couldn’t make the changes they wanted, so are selling the machine.


  • Check the Apple Mac casing and exterior

Do this carefully and note any scratches and damage points to the case. These can be used to bargain your price down if you decide to buy the computer. Next, check all the screws. Any loose screws or signs that the computer has been opened, need to be questioned, as the internal workings may have been previously repaired. That’s not an issue in itself, but if work has been done, you need to check that it was by a reputable repair service.


  • Do basic diagnostics


Make sure you bring a USB pin loaded up with Mac MOS. Earphones are a good idea too so that you can check the sound quality. Speakers (especially on MacBooks, are not known for their longevity but can be expensive to replace).

Boot up the Mac and make sure it loads completely; make sure a desktop picture shows. If you have your USB and macMOS isn’t installed, you can start it up from the USB by holding down the Option/Alt key and selecting external start-up once the machine is ready.


  • Scrutinize the screen

Your screen – especially a pro-retina version, can v ever expensive to replace. Not only that, but if you are purchasing a newer pre-loves iMac, the screens can be extremely difficult to successfully replace. Specialized engineers can do the job, but lots of Apple Mac repair services won’t do them. This is because of the way the newer screens are cemented to the units. To test whether display is in good shape, load up images with a single-color background (blue, red, green, white). Broken pixels show up as dots on the screen.


  • Test the keyboard

A secondhand Mac may well have taken a pounding to the keyboard and trackpad, though you won’t know this simply by looking at it. Thankfully, macOS has it’s own app called Text Edit, which checks the keyboard and lets you know if there is any malfunctioning. Check the keyboard by pressing down every key and watching carefully for the function indication. Then  hit Caps Lock and do it all again. If every key works, the keyboard is in good shape.


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