Computer repairs Ipswich: How much does it cost?

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Computer repair Ipswich:

When your computer goes wrong and needs a repair, it’s important to do your research. We specialise in Mac repair, for example, while other agents work best with PC repairs. Make sure you approach the right technician for the job so that you get the best price, and the best computer repairs.

Computer repair prices

When you’re researching computer repair services in your area, make sure you research quality of repair too. While many businesses offer excellent services, there are some cowboys out there who will do things on the cheap. You may well end up with sub-standard second-hand parts. You may also end up with replacement parts that are not the correct spec for your computer.

It’s important that any replacement parts that you have installed during your computer repair will not compromise the performance or longevity of your computer of Apple Mac. Very often, particularly on Apple Mac parts, corners can be cut. This is because genuine Apple Mac parts tend to be expensive. A power pack charging cable, for example, can cost around £60.

However, compromise on price and you’ll compromise on quality. A cheap replica part could actually cause more damage to your computer or Apple Mac.

Common computer repair issues

The most common computer repairs we deal with are things like water damage on a MacBook keyboard, Apple mac keypad replacement, Apple mac tracking pad replacement and Mac screen repairs. We also do a lot of jobs involving Mac hard drive replacements and upgrades. Some of these computer repairs are expensive. And you’re looking at a bill od £200 or more if you require a new Macbook Pro screen – or a screen repair on an iMac.

However, Apple Macs are very expensive machines to buy new.  So the repair cost will be reflected in the expense of the parts required. You will still save yourself a lot of money if you oft to repair your computer, than buy new.

How long will it take to do the computer repair?

You will need to agree on a time limit with your computer technician. If the workshop is busy, you may need to wait a few days. If you need the repair carried out fast, check to see if there is a fast-track service. Many computer repair shops will offer a fix within 24 hours – or even a same day fix, for a small, additional fee.

If your computer is still usable, drop it off on the actual day it can be repaired. If you’re not happy with the options on offer from local technicians, search further afield.

Computer repair Ipswich

At Darcy Consulting, we provide convenience as well as a fast service. Our FREE pick up and delivery option is one of the reasons why our customers recommend us to their friends. We also only employ certified Apple Mac technicians to carry out the work required. And, we’re very particular about using original Apple parts. Ultimately, the job that you do will decide whether you business is recommended on merit.

Call us today on Ipswich 01473 845011 to book a repair slot.



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