Do I need a new Mac battery?

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Do I need a new Mac battery?: Even the best tech in the world can start to lose performance over time, especially when you use it on a regular basis. Whilst Macs are seen as being amongst the best of the best in the world of laptops, they can suffer with a lack of power as they age.

For some people the idea of having to move around with your Mac charger isn’t that bad, but for others the idea of never being far from your charger is a bit of a headache. This is why the main signs that it is time to replace your Mac battery are ignored.

The trouble is, there will come a time when your battery needs to be replaced, so to help you to identify the key warning signs, here are the things that are telling you that you need to replace our Mac battery.

You get a warning

One of the most obvious signs that you need to replace your Mac battery is that you will get a battery service warning. Your MacBook will tell you that you need a new battery, it really is as simple as this. This warning can usually be seen in the drop down menu on the battery percentage icon on the top bar of your screen. If you see this particular warning, then we suggest that you listen to it.

Your battery doesn’t last long

When you first got your MacBook then chances are that you could enjoy it for a fair few hours after you had charged it up. As time has gone by, this time will have lessened and lessened and it can sometimes feel that you can’t go more than 10 minutes without having to dig out the charger again. If this is true for you then you may find that your battery is on its way out, which means that now is as good a time as any to replace your battery.


There are a number of reasons why your MacBook may be overheating, more often than not it is caused by simply everyday use. However, sometimes this overheating can be caused by your battery. It may be faulty and this means that the time has come to replace it, else you may end up causing a bigger problem.

It goes without saying that in order for your MacBook to work the best that it can and be truly portable, the battery needs to be working to the highest level. Of course, replacing a battery might seem like something that isn’t particularly urgent, but we can promise you that when you do arrange to have it replaced, you will instantly see the difference in the performance of your MacBook and you will have also prevented a faulty or damaged battery from causing further issues to your MacBook too.

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