Eight Apple Mac facts that will amaze you

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Eight Apple Mac facts that will amaze you: Macs are incredible machines. The quality of technology and components used to produce them is first rate. It takes true genius to create a landmark computer and corner the entire globe with its brilliance. That’s why we are so fascinated with Macs – and why we work hard to preserve them with our repair and upgrading services. Check out the below facts on Apple Mac tech and the father of Apple, Steve Jobs.


Mac Fact 1

The very first Apple logo would not be easily recognized today. It was an image of Sir Issac Newton pondering the theory of gravity under an apple tree. Not exactly snappy! But the brilliance of Newton is mirrored in the success and innovation launched on the world by Apple. Needless to say, the modified logo got more brand recognition.


Mac Fact 2

Steve Jobs was adopted and brought up by his adoptive parents. His biological father was a Syrian muslim named Abdul Fattah. Coincidence is an extraordinary thing – and decades before Jobs knew Abdul Fattah was his father, he had been served by him in a restaurant Fattah owned in California.


Mac Fact 3

Apple Mac is big on product placement and the cool factor. Between 2000 and 2011, Macs and Apple branded products appeared in no less than 35% of the number one box office listed movies of those years. It’s a brand with rock star quality.


Mac Fact 4

Steve Jobs invented a computer in the 1980’s called the Lisa. It wasn’t a huge success, and Jobs claimed the name stood for ‘local integrated software architecture’. However, he later announced the computer was actually named after his love child daughter, Lisa Brennan – a child he had fathered with his childhood girlfriend Chrisann.


Mac Fact 5

Got an old Apple Mac gathering duct in your attic? If you discover it’s a 120K Mac, it’s a fantastic slice of tech history and a collector’s item. If you take it apart, you’ll discover the first Apple design team’s signatures have been moulded into the inside casing. How cool is that?


Mac Fact 6

Apple is a prolific company to say the least. At the height of its success and the iPhone trending boom, Apple retailed over 397,000 iPhones every day. That’s more than the number of babies born in the US at the same period. Today, the iPhone fever has abated slightly, due to more expensive handsets being released by Apple (such as the iPhone X, XR and XS). There are also more challenging competitors to even the playing field and corner the Asian markets, such and Huawei etc.


Mac Fact 7

Apple raised $65 million for AIDS charities in Africa by selling its limited edition red products. Just recently, a red Macbook Pro which was produced as a one-off model in 2017, sold for an incredible £596,000 at an auction by Sotheby’s in London. Proof that Mac products are hold their value and their wow factor.


Mac Fact 8

Jobs was considered very difficult to work with – and incredibly adept at convincing his teams to follow his agenda – even if it went against the decisions of the board of directors. In 1985 he quit Apple after yet another row with them. But he rejoined Apple in 1996 at a time when it was on the brink of liquidation. By 1998, the company was once again flying high and creating incredible tech. Job’s vision leading the way.


So, if you have a Mac you love, take care of it well. These machines are iconic tech and have been built to last, with fantastic components and a futuristic operating system. Mac upgrades, Mac servicing and Mac repairs can ensure your Mac continues to perform well into the future. And who knows, in 30 years it may become a valuable tech relic and make you some extra cash too.

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