Damaged Mac, iMac, MacBook Pro?

Screen Replacement from £45 plus parts

Keyboard Replacement from £120 plus parts

Full track pad replacement from £45 plus parts

Battery Replacement from £45 plus parts

Board Replacement from £100 plus parts

Fast Apple Mac Repair Ipswich

Fast Apple Mac repair Ipswich: At Darcy Consulting we repair damaged Macs every day. From liquid damage all the way up to board failure, Darcy Consulting can fix the problem to keep your mac running smoothly.

If you think the damage to your mac is too severe, call Darcy Consulting. We provide a professional computer repair service which can diagnose the problem and find the most cost effective service to suit your needs. Use our fast Ipswich Apple Mac repair service today!

Ipswich iMac Overglass

In some cases your screen overglass might have picked up a few nicks and scratches over the years. You don’t need to put up with that any more as we’ll just whip that right off and replace it for you.

Ipswich Macbook, iMac or tablet screen replacement

Screen cracked or just showing something it shouldn’t be? Don’t hesitate to call us. Our skilled technicians can get you a new screen and have it installed quickly so you can get back to using your device.

 Ipswich Macbook keyboard

Ever typed an angry message on facebook? Speed typed your way through an assignment? Your keyboard can take a lot of beatings in its lifetime. After millions of keystrokes your keyboard will need replacing. We can replace your keyboard so you can get back to hammering out those messages and assignments in no time.

Ipswich Macbook Trackpad

Having a hard time getting your track pad to work? Anything could cause this, from a software problem all the way up to water damage. Don’t every worry about not being able to select or shut a tab ever again. We always deliver on our promise and you can click away stress free.

Ipswich Mac Battery Replacement

We believe that you should live life to the full. The same could be said for your battery. A worn out Mac battery can slow down your machine as well as leaving your battery empty.

If your battery is not fully charging or having problems holding a charge we will run a diagnostic on the machine and find out what is causing the problem. Don’t ever find yourself caught short or worrying about the nearest charge point. Call Darcy Consulting today.

Ipswich Mac Board Replacement

A board failure can be catastrophic for your mac. It can mean lost data, family photos, music and worst of all a mac which doesn’t work. We specialise in board repair. We can repair on average 90% of motherboard failures which is extremely high compared to the industry standard.