FIVE Mac hacks you never knew

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Five Mac Hacks you never knew: Macs are amazing machines and such powerful computers. Did you know that rather like the human brain, most users only operate their Macs at a limited level of ability? Thankfully, as the Mac is man-made, we haver a good list of capabilities we can simply refer to when we want to flex our Mac muscles. Read on for five amazing Mac hacks you never knew about.

Mac hack 1: The emoji keyboard

Ok – so this isn’t an essential function – but it is kind of cool, especially if you use a lot of emojis. Simply press Command plus Control plus space bar and voila! Your keyboard becomes emoji ready!  This is a great feature if you plan to use emojis in your work documents. For social media content schedulers, it can be very helpful.

Mac Hack 2: Fast file delete

If your Mac is clogged up and you know you need to ditch a bunch of files, you’ll also know how long it takes to search through them manually and delete them one by one. Organising files and getting rid of those you don’t need is time consuming. It’s a job often left until it really needs to be done – like when your mac has slowed down to snails pace, and something HAS to be done. To action a fast delete, simply choose your file, press Command, Shift and Delete at the same time, and the file will be moved to trash. Once you have more time, you can visit trash and select the empty trash option. No more files.

Mac Hack 3: Adjust screen brightness

With a PC, the usual route to adjusting brightness involves a tedious trip through properties to decipher the screen brightness controls. On a Mac, life is so much simpler. The process involves holding down the Shift key and the Option key. The brightness bar will appear and you can make incremental adjustments.

Mac Hack 4: One-touch dictionary access

Did you know that you can access the Mac dictionary through the touchpad? Simply hover over the selected word, and place three fingers on the touchpad. This automatically brings up a thesaurus entry with optional words, and a dictionary definition too. This sort of function makes Macs perfect for writers and editors.

Mac Hack 5: Symbols dictionary

Ever needed to use special characters? On a Windows PC, this involves visiting the toolbar and looking through the symbols menu to choose your character.  Accessing this on a Mac is super simple and right there at your fingertips. Simply hold down the letter you need to see special symbols for, and voila! They will appear in a menu box over your document. Then simply select and click.

Of course, there are loads of other Mac Hacks we could add to the list – but it’s best to master a few at a time otherwise you tend not to remember them or apply them. Keep an eye on our blog for the latest tips and hacks for Mac use.

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