Five reasons why Apple Macs are better

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Five reasons why Apple Macs are better

Five Reasons Why Apple Macs Are Better: Looking to invest in a new computer this season? Think a Mac is out of your budget? Think again. While it’s always nice to buy new, why not consider a reconditioned Mac? Macs are fantastic computers, and we are obviously huge fans of the brand because we repair them for a living. But, it you are in two minds about whether to buy PC or Mac, here’s why you should definitely give Apple a try.

  • Apple Mac tech lasts much longer

There’s a reason why Macs are so expensive when you are buying them new. And any computer technician will tell you that a simple look inside will show you exactly why. It’s the equivalent to looking under the hood of a Ford Focus and a Lambourghini. You are immediately going to see that what goes on inside your average Windows laptop, is not quite the same as the party happening in your Mac. Mac tech is second to none. The component quality is phenomenal – and because of this, you are buying longevity. A Window laptop will struggle to keep up with the latest updates when it reaches five years old. Also, there will be so many better models out there, and repairing your laptop will probably cost as much as investing in a new one. Meanwhile, the Mac owner can happily continue using the machine they bought, way back in 2011. It might need some tweaking by an expert every now and then. It might also require an upgrade to an SSD. But once that’s done, a new lease of life is released, and your Mac will be good to go for another five years.

  • Apple Macs love synchronicity

If you buy into Mac, you’ll also be buying into iOS, which is currently the most sealess and stable operating system there is. Not only that, but it allows you to synch all your Apple devices and that can only make for a more enjoyable tech experience for users. You have cloud storage and all your devices will have access to that. If they are Apple, you can also synch your TV and domestic appliances together, to create a smart home system. Very cool indeed.

  • Apple Macs are stable and secure

Unlike our current government, Apple Mac’s truly are stable and secure. PC’s can very easily get clogged up with viruses. These viruses ruin your user experience by interfering with software performance. Worse still, they can enable unscrupulous people to steal your private data. Because most business is now carried out online, that carries with it, a major risk. And that’s why most large businesses use Macs. Another great thing about Macs is they don’t crash. Think about how annoying it is when you a have almost finished a tedious project, you are about to hit save, and suddenly your system goes down. There is nothing that makes you feel more entitled to throw your computer from the nearest window… Like we said, stable and secure. Don’t believe us? Read more about it here:

  • Apple Macs are exclusive

When you head into town to buy a new PC, or when you start Googling the latest Windows computers on the market, you will be deluged with a baffling number of listings, pages and pages of them. It’s very difficult to know what really is the best price for the best machine. They all have slight variations and assets, making it difficult for you to weigh up the pros and cons. Macs on the other hand, have a limited range of new releases. And, you can find out what the differences are between say, a Macbook Pro and a Macbook Air, fairly easily. Better still, it’s a Mac – it’s going to be brilliant – the reviews speak for themselves – and as engineers, we can vouch for them too. And let’s face it, they look much cooler. In an office setting, you can’t get much more professional than a Mac network. Clean, neat lines, minimalist and organised. A Mac says you mean business.

  • Buying an Apple Mac is an investment

These days, when you buy a Windows PC, you know you’ll have it for around 5 years, and once the lifespan is up, you might be able to trade it in for a few quid off your next model. That is not the case at all with a Mac. When you invest in Apple technology, you invest in quality. That means your Mac will continue to run beautifully for years, and, if you do need to get it upgraded with a new SSD (Solid State Drive) it won’t cost you more than a new Mac. Furthermore, you can happily invest in a reconditioned Mac, knowing that the performance will still be good. That also means that if you really are determined to buy a new Mac, you can confidently trade in your old one for a reasonable price. Macs continue to hold their value, even as technology marches forward. They really are worth the money.

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