Five things you should know about repairing your Apple Mac

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Apple Mac computers and laptops are typically very sturdy and don’t often require repairs; but in the sad case that something happens to the tech you own, then you’ll be happy to know that there are a few quick fixes you can try at home before trying computer repair. But, as is the case with all computers and other technological products, your item is likely to be under warranty. Meaning parts of it can be replaced without costing you anything at all.


Apple Mac repair and Computer repair: Repairing under warranty


If your Mac is still under the warranty you brought it with, then it your machine is covered against any part failures or defective components. Apple should repair or replace these parts for free. You do not need to have purchased the product directly from Apple for this warranty to be in effect. In fact, Apple’s own warranty guidelines point out that even if you brought your product from a third party, you can still direct your claim to Apple.

A warranty does not cover accidental damage, such as laptop screen repair. To have your product checked, you should send it directly to an Apple store or book an appointment online through Apple. You’ll need your Apple ID and password to do so. Repairing under warranty stays within the company and cannot be done elsewhere.


Computer repair at home: Simple start-up fixes


If you’re having software issues, your computer is running slow, or you can’t access your browser, you can fix your Apple Mac at home with no issues. None of these problems should result in you going anywhere near the screws for your product; so, do not open your product up for any reason. This voids the warranty.

You can search online for simple fixes. The old “turn it off and on again” actually will fix a lot of small issues, and start-up issues seem to be the bulk of the problem.

You can boot in safe mode to have your product check over its directories and see if there are any issues causing start-up problems. A disk check may reveal and fix all!


Computer repair at home: Unresponsive and slow programs


For unresponsive programs, open up the force quit application and exit the program.

And finally, for the spinning rainbow wheel, know that it means that the application you’re loading or the action you’re taking is slow. Check what’s running on your product by looking at the activity monitor, something might be using too much memory.


Finding an Apple Mac specialist: What counts as an out-of-warranty repair


If your product is more than a year old and you don’t have the AppleCare Protection Plan, then you may need to pay to have things fixed. In this case, you should find a reputable service that offers Apple Mac repair with an Apple Mac specialist.

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