Five ways to make your Mac run faster

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Five ways to make your Mac run faster: One of the things you expect from your Apple Mac is efficiency. When you’re spending top money on the best tech, speed is not too much to ask for. But sometimes, Macs can get slow and sluggish. Here are FIVE WAYS to make your Mac run faster without calling a repair man.

  • Close the apps in the Mac browser

Apps behave like open tabs in your browser. They slow up your Mac’s performance and use up too much memory. Bad habits, such as leaving lots open simultaneously, make a point of cleaning up your desktop programmes. Close all but the ones that are essential for use. Don’t forget that Apple has several shortcuts you can use to open up those apps on your desktop. Keeping your fingers down on control, media eject and command keys will instantly quit all your apps and shut down your Mac so you can essentially reboot it. Be sure to save all your work files first before doing this though. You can also get rid of any unused apps through using an uninstaller programme. This frees up disk space and memory so your Mac can work faster.

  • Back up your Mac work onto cloud, external drives and SD cards

Mac users are usually big on imagery, video and other heavy files. Because Mac is the work horse of the professional designer, you expect your machine to be able to handle huge files and heavy documents. However, the space is still finite. The more data you pack into your Mac, the slower it’s going to be performance-wise. It’s essential to use additional back-ups for your Mac, even if you do also store your work on cloud space. So, work smart and stop storing all work directly to your hard drive.

  • Tidy up your Mac desktop

Just like any other work space, Macs get clogged up and sluggish if there are too many shortcuts and unused tabs on the desktop. Very often, there can be up a hundred shortcuts, and only a handful of them are used on a regular basis. Combine folders, ditch app shortcuts that are rarely used and streamline your main screen work space. Your Mac will run faster, and you’ll work more efficiently too.

  • Swap to using Safari

If you are a confirmed Chrome addict, your sluggish Mac might just be trying to tell you something. Chrome is RAM heavy, and doesn’t work as efficiently as Apple’s own browser, Safari. Swap over to Mac suited apps and you’ll soon find your hard drive speeds up. Very often, sluggish Macs are also the result of simply not being re-booted enough. They can be on for hours, and then go into sleep mode, only to be re-woken on a fresh workday, having never been shut down. This isn’t great for your computer. Make a point of switching it off every day once work has finished. A fresh re-boot will often work wonders. So simple!


If your Mac is still sluggish after you’ve made these simple changes, it’s best to seek the advice of a Mac repair expert. There are lots of things that can be done to speed up your machine, including upgrading the hard drive to an SSD drive. But, it’s best to leave it to the experts, as Macs are complicated creatures, not to mention expensive and you don’t want to compound the problem through misadventure. Simply book your Mac into one of our repair slots. Our Mac repair service operates in Ipswich and throughout the Suffolk area.  Darcy Consutling will collect it and redeliver it to your place of work or home once repairs are completed. We can also take a look on site if the diagnosis can be fixed with an on-the-spot repair.

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