FOUR WAYS to extend your MacBook battery life

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MacBook Battery: There aren’t many things more frustrating than your MacBook battery dying – especially if you work out and about. Having to find a power source to plug in to everywhere you go, can halt your workflow and make presentations difficult too. MacBook batteries are also fairly expensive to replace. Follow our top five tips to keeping your battery fresh – and longer lived.

Reduce the Macbook battery operating power

MacBook batteries have about 1000 full charges in them. Once you get to the 750 mark, your battery power and longevity starts to decline. The best way to preserve it, is to make sure your battery gets the most out of each charge. If you limit the amount of power required to run your MacBook, each battery charge will last longer. The best way to reduce power usage is very simple. Cut down your screen brightness. Those pro retina screens are amazing – but they really do take up a lot of juice. Unless you are outside on a bright day and really need the screen turned up, make sure it’s running at around the 30% mark. This will drastically cut power usage.

Turn off your WiFi & Bluetooth

Having these setting on constantly, means you are using power the very often, you don’t need. Make sure WiFi and Bluetooth are turned off unless you actually need to use them. Of course, there are times when you’ll need your WiFi operational – such as if you’re working in transit and you need internet access. But if you get into the habit of switching these settings on and off, you will see a marked improvement in the length each charge lasts you.

Sort out your MacBook battery energy settings

Apple MacBooks are brilliant machines because Apple really has thought of everything. Inside your energy settings, you can alter usage of lots of functions that would otherwise drain your battery. Set your computer to power down faster after a period of inactivity. Just that extra 30 seconds or one minute, will make a difference long term to your battery life. You can also opt to have your display dimmed when the MacBook is operating on the battery power source.

Ditch the backlit keyboard

Yes, we know it’s really nice – and it’s very handy for working in low light. However, how often do you really work in low light, making this function necessary? Not very often, we’d wager. By switching off the back lit keyboard, you will save yourself around 6% of your of an average battery cycle charge. That, over time, equates to many more minutes of functionality on your battery.

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