PC & Laptop Damage Repair

Premium Ipswich Computer Repair – call us today!

Premium Ipswich Computer Repair! Intermittent and faulty hardware will cause huge problems for your computer. When one part fails, all of them fail. This could put your computer completely out of commission. That can be frightening for anyone, especially if you lose your important data.

Darcy Consulting has seen all the different types of damage which can occur with PC’s. If your PC has had liquids spilt on it or it’s been thrown out the window by the kids then we’re right here in Ipswich to repair it.

Laptop or tablet screen replacement

Have you recently noticed your screen isn’t working as it should be? Never settle for second best! Darcy Consulting can replace your PC screen so you can use your PC to it’s full capacity. We can replace the majority of screens at our Ipswich site and it won’t break the bank.

PC Screen Replacement from £35 plus parts.

Laptop power socket replacement

Are you finding it difficult to charge your laptop? That’s an easy repair for Darcy Consulting in Ipswich. With so much being done on computers these days, you deserve to have a fully working PC. Over time your power socket will take a lot of wear so give us a call today.

PC Power Socket Replacement from £35 plus parts.

Laptop keyboard

Keyboards are put under a lot of strain these days. With the increase in people using social media the increase in messages sent online has been huge. That means your laptop keyboard takes a hammering. After millions of key strokes, your keyboard might need replacing. Darcy Consulting has the answer to this. We can replace your keyboard quickly and effectively and it won’t break the bank.

PC Keyboard Repair from £25 plus parts.

Laptop Battery Replacement

Do you find yourself panicking when you can’t see a power socket close by? Your battery could need replacing. If you find your battery doesn’t charge well or doesn’t last very long, you need to call Darcy Consulting. We only supply good quality batteries to our customers so you don’t get caught short.

Battery Replacement from £35 plus parts.

Expert Engineers

Our Engineers have been working in the computer industry for over 20 years! Consulting, Diagnosing, Repairing and Upgrading are all part of our arsenal.

Darcy Consulting will always work with the customer to ensure you get the best service for the best possible price.