How to clean you Apple Mac

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How to clean your Apple Mac: In our last blog, we covered tips on cleaning up your Apple Mac hard drive to make it run more efficiently. In this latest article, we’re going to look actually cleaning your tech – and making it more hygienic. Right now, personal hygiene is just about the most important discipline you can observe – and that extends to your tech. Did you know that one of the most bacterial and viral ridden places in your home is probably your computer keyboard? It’s a scary thought. But there are several, simple steps you can follow to sanitize your computer. These tips will also improve the longevity of your Apple Mac too.


  • Clean the cooling system


Excess heat building up inside your Apple Mac, is one of your computer’s biggest enemies. Too much heat puts the components under undue stress and also causes glitches during operations. You can end up blowing a motherboard or a processor if you don’t clean out your heating system. Apple Macs do get quite warm, and that’s because there’s a lot of power surging through them. This is especially true of older models that operate with a standard hard drive. Apple Macs fitted with ad SSD, don’t get so hot.

The best tool to remove excess dust and debris from your cooling system, is a can of compressed air. This blasts debris out of the nooks and crannies without damaging the delicate components. To clean the cooling system, you will need to remove the back of your laptop of desktop. Then simply aim the air nozzle and clean away all the dust and dirt.

You can also use rubbing alcohol on a micro fibre cloth, to very gently clean the fan blades.


  • Clean the keyboard


In terms of health hazards, keyboards are by far the filthiest place on your computer. Even if you don’t smoke or eat near your computer, it’s important to make sure the keyboard is sanitized.

Eventually, the debris and dust trapped in the keyboard will effect the functionality too, as sensors under keys stop working. The best way to clean your keyboard is with compressed air and Over time, dust and other grime affect a keyboard’s performance. Most of the time, general cleaning with compressed air and isopropyl alcohol will be all you need to make sure your keys are hygienic and functional. Use the directional compressed air to blast out all the nasties, and then clean all key surfaces with the alcohol solution.

  • Cleaning your Apple Mac screen


The screen of your computer might not be damaged by an excess build up of dust and grime, but cleaning it in the wrong way, can definitely ruin it. The first step to any monitor cleaning process is to switch off the power. The next step is to cover the rest of your computer in cloths, so that whatever liquids you are using to clean your screen, don’t damage your other components. Next, use a microfibre cloth to wipe off the surface debris and dust. A microfibre cloth ensures the bits you wipe, stay on the cloth and don’t go floating off and contaminating other parts of your computer.


Next, you can tackle the stubborn smears and splats that are dotted all over your screen from various sneezes and spills. We recommend you use only purpose-made compuper screen cleaner for this task. Furthermore, never spray any substance directly onto a screen. Spray it first onto a clean cloth, and then wipe the screen down. This avoids any liquids dripping down and then ending up inside your computer.



Apple Mac cleaning services


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