How to upcycle your Apple Mac

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How to upcycle your Apple Mac

How to upcycle your Apple Mac: Upcycling is the new buzzword. And for a good reason. Our planet is a rubbish dump. We all know it. We all know who is responsible. Therefore, it’s up to us, the rubbish makers, to find a sensible solution to the problem. Read on for tips on how to upcycle your Mac.

Did you know that 50 million tonnes of what is now termed as e-waste, is dumped globally every year? E-waste comprises of discarded cell phones, hard drives, old laptops, PC’s, screens, computer components and Macs. Yes, Macs. E-waste is super-bad for the environment for several reasons. It’s comprised of a number of dangerous components including mercury and lead. These can lead to water source contamination if not correctly disposed of. The more waste we create, the more mining is carried out to create the updated, next-gen versions of our Macs, laptops and smartphones. It’s a horrible cycle of make, discard and make again.

But the good news is that because Mac technology is superior to other computer components, they tend to last longer. So theoretically, less of them should end up on the waste pile when measured with other computer components. Mac parts can also be recyled – and that’s thankfully an upward moving trend.

Here are some ways for your to upcycle your Mac so that it works well, and doesn’t end up as e-waste

1# Upcycle you Apple Mac hard drive

Macs prior to 2015 were not fitted with SSD hard drives. This means their hard drives were as vulnerable as any laptop hard drive. Dust, moisture, over-heating and disk damage through trauma (dropping your computer) can lead to hard drive failure of a normal componant. Upgrade your hard drive – especially if it’s slow. An SSD will breathe new life into your Mac.  Some computer service engineering companies, like Darcy Consulting, make a point of recycling as much e-waste as we can. An SSD will upgrade your Mac usability and will keep it going for a few more years. That’s definitely worth considering.

2# Get an upcycle service on your Apple Mac

Furthermore, if your Mac is running slow, it could be for any number of reasons. You could have  clogged memory to too many apps that need to be cleared off your hard drive. Our Mac engineers can reboot your Mac and get it working fast again. From clearing un-used data, to tweaking the hardware, your Mac is your reliable workhorse. And servicing your Mac doesn’t only save you money – it saves the environment too.

3# Upcycle the battery for your Apple Mac

Often, Mac users use a failing battery for a reason to look at upgrading their hardware to a new machine. We’re also not against buying new when it’s necessary. However, we are huge advocates of making the most of the tech you have. A new battery can be ordered and installed with relative ease and speed. Along with the new battery, you could also consider a service clean of your Mac too. We can spruce up the circuits and keyboard so that your Mac doesn’t only work better, but looks better too.

4# Upcycle your Apple Mac keyboard

Broken keys are another reason why Macs often get replaced when a simple repair will do the trick. We replace keyboards with full backlighting and we recycle the parts removed as much as is possible. If you are thinking of getting a new Mac, simply because your keyboard needs replacing, call us today for a quote. Keyboards and Macs are also usually damaged due to water or liquid being spilled on the keys. We can repair water damage too. It doesn’t have to be terminal.

5# Buy an upcycle Mac

If you really want to buy a new machine, consider the upcycled Mac market. And you can buy it with a clear conscience. Mac technology is hard wearing and long-lasting. Macs are reliable, and they are very repairable. By shunning a new model and opting for a re-con, you are contributing to the upcycle trend. We often repair Mac screens, laptops and minis for business clients, who then decide to upgrade to new machines. As a result, we have a reasonable flow of fully working, awesome upcycled Macs for sale. Be part of the e-waste solution and invest in a reconditioned Mac. As one of our valued customers, we’ll make sure your machine is well taken care at an affordable price too.

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