Business PC & Laptop Damage Repair

Ipswich Business Computer Repair – Call us today!

Ipswich business computer repair specialists right here when you need them! At Darcy Consulting we see all kinds of different damage during the working day. From liquid damage all the way up to board failure, Darcy Consulting can fix the problem to keep your business running smoothly.

If you think the damage to your Ipswich business PC is too severe, call Ipswich Darcy Consulting. We provide a professional repair service which can diagnose the problem and find the most cost effective service to suit your Ipswich business needs.

 Laptop or tablet screen replacement

Are you finding an old or broken screen is making it hard for you to conduct business? You might think it’s time to get a new device, but save your business money and bring it to us. We can replace the majority of screens at our Ipswich site and it won’t break the bank!

PC Screen Replacement from £35 plus parts.

Laptop power socket replacement

Never worry about losing important data or being caught short in a meeting. Power socket replacement is a common fix. As an Ipswich business user you need a dependable PC. Having a power socket which doesn’t work is something Ipswich Darcy Consulting can help with.

PC Power Socket Replacement from £35 plus parts.

 Laptop keyboard

During your Business PC’s life time, the key board will have millions of key strokes passed across it. If your business is suffering from poor key board performance don’t delay. Darcy Consulting has the answer so your business can run at full capacity and effectiveness.

PC Keyboard Repair from £25 plus parts.

 Laptop Battery Replacement

If you conduct business on the go or you need to work from various different locations, a good battery is a priority. Ipswich Darcy Consulting can ensure that you don’t get caught short and all the machines batteries charge to full capacity

Battery Replacement from £35 plus parts.

Expert Engineers

Our Engineers have been working in the computer industry for over 20 years! Consulting, Diagnosing, Repairing and Upgrading are all part of our arsenal.

Darcy Consulting will always work with the customer to ensure you get the best service for the best possible price.