VoIP Solutions

Ipswich Business VoIP – call us today!

Ipswich business VoIP packages at great prices! If you are a business customer then you are in exactly the right place. Darcy Consulting believes that in order for an Ipswich business to grow, it needs professionally managed communications.

Alongside providing computing support, we also offer Ipswich business’ the option of a properly managed communications package.

VoIP stands for “Voice Over Internet Protocol”. This means all of your business calls are actually made over the internet. All of your costs are the same, regardless of whether you are making a business call to India or Ipswich.

The main advantage of VoIP is that it can save your business a lot of money, however, some of the additional features available are listed below.

Auto Attendant

This is a great tool for businesses. This feature allows a customer to interact with a menu to choose the extension that they want. It will instantly give a professional touch to your business, almost like having a digital receptionist.

Find me / follow me call routing

Worried about missing an important business call while you are out? Add this feature to your package and any incoming call to your land line will automatically be re-routed to your mobile.

Voicemail to email transcription

With this feature you no longer need to write furiously as you try to copy down a number from voicemail. Your voice mails will automatically be recorded and transcribed to text. This will then be sent to a preferred email for you to read at your leisure.


This is an extremely useful tool and you should always take advantage of it if you are working with partners in different areas. Speak on the same line as a colleague in India and another colleague in Colchester.