Ipswich Computer Repair: Five tips to a faster computer

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Ipswich Computer Repair: There is nothing more frustrating than a slow computer. Working with a sluggish laptop or desktop, will slow down your workflow, frustrate you, and could even impact on your productivity and earnings.

All of these things are massively stressful. So, if your computer is slow, or glitching, or you need a computer repair service, read on for out top tips. We can help you improve your situation without searching for a local computer repair service. Or, we can help you find the perfect laptop technician to help you out.

At Darcy Consulting, we only specialise in Apple Mac repair. That’s because Apple Macs are a different breed of computer compared to all other computers on the market. They are much more complex and much harder to fix. However, there are several rules of thumb that apply to every computer – be it a Windows or Mac machine.

Clean up your hard drive

So often a sluggish computer is the result of a clogged up hard drive. If you work on your computer every day, chances are you save a lot of your work directly to the disk, and don’t give it too much thought. However, files these days are super heavy. Hi resolution images and video files particularly, will take up a lot of space. You should run a disk check and delete any unrequired files, and either upload a lot of your heavy files to cloud, or to an external hard drive. If your hard drive is old, you could think about replacing it.

Upgrading your computer hard drive

If, in the journey of cleaning up your hard drive, you decide that the capacity and speed simply aren’t up to the task, you can always upgrade your hard drive to an SSD. An SSD stands for a Solid State Drive. Basically, it’s a much faster form of hard drive – and it doesn’t require any moving parts. So your clunky old hard drive with a cooling fan that runs to keep it from burning out, is a long way from the tech available with an SSD.

Closing all desktop apps

Very often, our computers are running with lots of additional apps semi-functional in the background. Unless we make a point of shutting those down, they can accumulate in number and slow down the performance of our computer – making it slow and inefficient. Slow computers are really annoying. But you can try so many things to fix them. So don’t despair.

Check your Apple Mac Battery life

Just like with the iPhones, Apple Macs particularly, can be affected by the state of their batteries. You can easily do a battery power and efficiency check through your Apple Mac system checker. An Apple Mac Battery can be emptied and recharged around 1,000 times. At around the 750 mark, the battery life begins to diminish and the way your system functions could be compromised. At this point, you need to look at replacing your Apple Mac battery. If your Apple Mac is still under warranty, you can action that. But otherwise, you can contact a reputable Apple Mac Repair service, who can advise you on installing a new one. Very often you can order new batteries online. Just make sure all the parts are genuine Apple parts. Replacing components in your computer with non Apple parts, can have devastating consequences for your hardware.

Uninstall unnecessary software

Sometimes, without even thinking, we install programmes that we think will be useful – and then never really use them because they are not as practical as we thought they were. Make sure you haven’t overloaded your hard drive with software that simply bogs it down. Heavy programmes like Photoshop and Indesign are very much required by photographers and designers. However, in order to accommodate the packages, they usually work on Apple Macs, or very high speed and capable Windows computers. Your average notebook will struggle with a heavy software package. So, if you are not using it, get rid of it.

Getting rid of malware on your computer

Of course, none of the above issues could be why your computer is slow. Your computer could be slow because of a virus. Apple Macs are not affected by viral attacks – and therefore are the workhorse of the professionals. But Windows computers suffer from it chronically. That’s why it’s essential to have a good anto virus scan package installed on your computer. When things start to get glitchy – like keys not working suddenly – or unexpected shutdowns, or apps simply not opening when they worked fine before, it’s time to scan your computer drives. Mainly, the scan takes just a few minutes. It will isolate the form of virus and enable you to delete if from your files. Simply shut down and restart your computer once the job is done, and everything should work much faster again.

Ipswich Computer repair Darcy Consulting

As the leading Apple Mac repair service in Suffolk, we specialise in Apple Macs of all ages. We especially like to repair older Macs, upgrading them and improving their speed. One of the great things about Apple Mac technology, is its advanced and upgradable situation. Apple Mac models from as far back as 2011, are just as functional today as they were then. They would benefit from an upgraded SSD hard drive, and a good data and diagnostics service. They might also require new keyboards and track pads. But by and large, they stand the test of time. We are also big advocates of the repair, recycle and re-use philosophy. E-waste is one of the biggest environmental problems our planet is facing, yet so much tech gets discarded without consideration. So, if you get your computer repaired, instead of buying new, you are helping the environment too.

Darcy Consulting also provides a highly convenient collection and delivery service – so that you don’t have to venture out in bad weather – or spend even more time on your damaged computer. Call us today to book a FREE appointment on 01473 845011.

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