Apple Mac Repair Services

Mac Full Reinstall £55

Mac Full reinstall preserving data £75


Mac Diagnostics fixed fee £25

Mac Optimising fixed fee £25




Apple Mac diagnostic service Ipswich

Apple Mac diagnostics service, Ipswich: Is your Apple Mac Slow? Don’t let your business be slowed down by ineffective technology. We can get your devices running perfectly again.

IT problems can seriously affect your business. Sluggish macs can slow down your process, affecting cash flow and time management.

Ipswich Mac Repair

Use our support to ensure all of your devices run as fast as possible. Below you will find a number of common services which we offer to our clients.

The list is not exhaustive and if you don’t find the service you are looking for please contact us to discuss your requirements.

Fast Mac Repair to suit you

Ipswich Mac Repair: If you don’t know exactly why your Macs are running slowly, call us today. Darcy Consulting operates a premium call out service for our clients. We always work around your schedule to ensure your work continues uninterrupted.

Optimize your Mac

Ipswich Mac Repair: Like any computer, Macs can do with a tune up sometimes. If you don’t enjoy long load times and a screen which freezes constantly, call us today. We will make sure your laptop runs as fast as it possibly can.

Mac Reinstall and Update to Latest Version

Ipswich Mac Repair: We can also upgrade your Macs so they will run much faster. With our custom upgrades your Macs can run as fast as the newest models on the market. That is far more cost effective than buying several brand new Macs!

As a result, you will save money and work more efficiently because mac tech is designed to be upgraded and modified with advances.

Ipswich-based Expert Engineers

Ipswich Mac Repair: Our Engineers have been working in the computer industry for over 20 years! Consulting, Diagnosing, Repairing and Upgrading are all part of our arsenal. Darcy Consulting will always work with the customer to ensure you get the best service for the best possible price.

Our philosophy

Ipswich Mac Repair: Darcy Consulting is your one stop shop for all Mac repair needs. We offer comprehensive services so your Mac device is able to operate at the highest level possible.

We provide everything from simple Apple Mac repairs and upgrades. Make sure your Mac always runs smoothly. Call Darcy Consulting today.

Apple Mac Diagnostics

On the software side of things, we can speed up your Mac. A slow Mac is a painful tool to use when you have an urgent job to do. So don’t hesitate to call us today.

Rest assured, our Mac engineers can have your Mac rocket fast in just an afternoon.