Is the new MacBook Air 2018 worth the money?

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Is the new MacBook Air 2018 worth the money?


Is the new MacBook Air 2018 worth the money?  The new Macbook Air 2018 was launched in October 2018. And we think this is our chance to compare old with new. One of the great things about Macs is their longevity. So it’s handy to know what your additional £170 will be providing if you opt to buy a new machine.


1# The 2018 MacBook Air has upgraded chips

In 2017, MacBooks were born with brand new 1.8GHZ Broadwell-gen chips. These are an upgraded version of the 2015 models, which sported 1.6GHz chips. So processing speed will be better, That’s what you expect when you purchase a brand new machine. However, is it enough to justify the price tag?


2# The 2018 MacBook Air looks nicer

Yes, looks are important – so is weight and styling. The new MacBook Air 2018 is slimmer and trimmer then it’s older sibling. Better to fit in the office handbag/manbag and it’s a whole 125 grams lighter. Actually, that’s not very much. But it’s something… The styling has been revamped too, with features now resembling the sleek and stylish MacBook Pro. The MacBook Air 2018 feels a bit more heavyweight as a result.


3# The MacBook 2018 comes in more colours

We all like to pretend this doesn’t matter and that we only buy Macs because they are amazing. But let’s face it, with a price tag to make your eyes water, you have every right to want to enjoy your Macbook’s asthetics. The 2018 model comes in standard silver, but also grey and rose gold… Nice.


#4 The 2018 MacBook has a much better display.

If you use your Mac for creative work, the best display possible is a must. The new MacBook has joined the Mac ranks with a Retina screen, which makes a big difference in terms of display quality. Whether you are editing photos or cutting videos or creating graphics, this feature alone makes that £170 additional price worth the pay out. However, when used outdoors, the screen brightness is not so efficient. Be warned.


5#2018 Macbook Air additional features

There are lots of little add-ons too, which make that extra investment on the price tag even more appealing. These include and new keyboard, improved security through a T2 chip, louder speakers and a touch ID button too. Finally, the ports are much more convenient. There are two thunderbolt 3 ports plus and the USB ports have been removed, as well as the SD card. It actually remains to be seen if this is a good idea. Remember the kerfuffle when Apple took away the headphone Jack on the iPhone 8? Some oldschoolers like to stick with what they know. But perhaps that is par for the course.

#The 2018 MacBook Air has a better battery

Ultimately, it all comes down to convenience. The new Macbook Air is lighter, slimmer, faster and has a better battery than it’s predecessor. Added to that, it’s more secure and the display is a lot better. If you are in the market for an upgrade that is worth the bucks, you won’t be disappointed – especially as it comes in Rose Gold too!


However, just because the price difference seems a snip, your cheaper option would be to see if your current MacBook Air could either be traded in, or upgraded to match the performance speeds of the new model. Simply book your Mac in with one of our Ipswich-based repair experts and we’ll collect it from your home or place of work (if you are in the Suffolk area) and deliver it back to you revamped. We can also provide ont-the-spot diagnostics if appropriate.

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