Laptop repair: How to get a good computer repair deal

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Laptop repair Ipswich

Britain’s trusted chair stores are ripping off customers, recent reports by The Sun newspaper suggests. According to the UK’s favourite paper, computer repair giants, including Curry’s and PC World, are overcharging customers by an average £260, for laptop and PC repairs.

The quest ion of whether you should – or shouldn’t get your laptop repaired is a very personal one. But there are several factors you should always take into account if you are investigating repair services.


Computer repair prices and parts

Computer and laptop repair services break up their bills into two separate charges. Rather like when you get a car fixed, there will be a cost for labour from the computer technician, and the cost of the parts too. It’s quite normal for the cost of the labour to be higher than the cost of the actual part – especially if you are having a screen repair that requires some tricky work to be carried out. However, if you are investigating a Windows PC or laptop repair, make sure you look at the full picture. If your computer is a mid-range model and a few years old, chances, are, you’d be better off trading it in as parts, and then buying a new one instead.


Recommended repairs

Repairs can be simple and inexpensive. A new keyboard or mouse pad – or even an upgrade of your hard drive is a worthwhile investment. Of course, data recovery from an unexpected mishap is always a valuable service. And if you own a Mac, we’d advise you to consider a larger budget for your repairs. Apple Mac repairs are more expensive that Windows PC and laptop repairs. This is because the parts are considerably more costly and the labour of the repair requires far more intricate expertise. Not every technician is trained to repair Macs. It’s a job that takes great experience and know-how as Apple Macs are completely different to Windows computers.


Check review sites for local laptop repair providers

Long waiting lists and large bills are irritating for anyone. This is especially annoying for customers who need their repair done fast, and also have a limited budget. If your computer is your work horse, it’s important to use a reliable repair service. Look at the Google reviews and website like Trust Pilot for fair and in-depth reviews on laptop repair services. State specifically that you need your computer repaired quickly. Otherwise you might well find your laptop gets bumped to the back of the queue. Many computer repair providers offer a fast-track service for an additional fee.

Check the computer parts and labour repair costs

As for a quote on the entire job before you agree to the repair. Ask the technician if they think it’s worth carrying out the repair, or if it would be more economical to buy a new computer and do a trade in for parts. If the repair seems excessively expensive, take 24 hours to consider it and do some research online. Remember though, that Apple Macs are intricate machines. Sometimes a screen repair on the newer models can be a particularly difficult process, due to the way Apple now uses a glue on the overglass, instead of magnets in older models.


Darcy Consulting computer and laptop repair services

At Darcy Consulting, we take good repair services extremely seriously. We only work with fully certified technicians and we also run a fast-track service for those who need their laptop repairs carried out in a hurry. For more information contact us today on 01473 845011

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