Mac care & repairs: Our 2019 resolutions

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Mac care & repairs: Our 2019 resolutions: Calling all Mac users! If you want your Mac working perfectly, with the speed and lightening reactions it should be capable of, read on and find out our guide to Mac maintenance, care and repair for 2019

  • Clean up your Mac desktop

Close and get rid of all those background apps you don’t use, which cause your poor Mac to perform a slow trudge through the tasks your set it. If you are not using them, get rid of them. It’s the same principle as the Kondo clean-up method for wardrobes and drawers. If you don’t love it and you haven’t worn it in quite some time, ditch it.

  • Mac video purge

Macs are often used for design work and video because the capability and software is so good. However, video takes up huge chunks of your Mac memory. Video editing also means film makers have loads of off cuts and snippets that are stored away, usually not used again. But, you never know. Sort out your video content and only store essential footage on your Mac. Put the rest on an external hard drive that you can access at a later date. Removing excess video files will help speed up your Mac.

  • Ramp up your Mac security

Mac security is very efficient. However, it’s still important you secure your Mac against all eventualities. There are lots of different ways you do this. Cloud back-up and the use of Dropbox provides online storage. For better hardware security, swap your old hard drive for an Solid State Drive. If your Mac dates back to 2015, it probably wasn’t fitted with one. SSD’s last longer and don’t have any moving parts. As a result, they can withstand the impact of your mac being dropped, and they don’t overheat or require a fan system. Data recovery is also more likely from an SSD in the event of a mishap. And, you can use external hard drives too for storage. Just make backing up your hard drive part of your working routine for 2019. Take a look at the latest NAS drives that provide secure storage for all your Apple products in the home. They are costly – especially the 2019 models. However, loss of information can be more expensive.

  • Clean out your Mac mail box

Get rid of all the excess emails in your inbox. While this won’t necessarily make your Mac run faster, it will make you feel more organised. There is no point in having emails you’ll never read again, clogging things up from way back in 2015. While purging the email might take you a wee while – depending on how much of an email hoarder you are, you will function more efficiently as a result. Make purging your emails a weekly habit in 2019. Assess how successful you’ve been at the end of the year too.

  • Recycle your Mac – or upgrade it

We all know plastic is killing the planet. But did you know that e-waste is the second largest growing waste problem globally? Recycling and repairing as much as you can, will help cut down on that figure. Currently, 50 million tonnes of e-waste is generated a year in the United States alone. Don’t just buy new when your old Mac slows down. Take it to a reputable repair service and see if they can upgrade and service it. Usually, replacing old components, clearing the hard drive and fixing the tracking pads will result in your Mac performing like new again. At Darcy Consulting, we make a pledge to recycle as many parts as we can. We also buy old Macs, service them and sell them on. We believe firmly in the mantra, re-use, recycle and repair. Even if you simply have to have the latest Macbook Pro (being launched 2019) think about passing on your old Mac to someone who really needs it. Equally, sell it to a dealer like us who will put it to good use and find it another home.

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