Mac Facts: Five things you never knew

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Mac Facts: Five things you never knew: We all know that the iMac has shaped tech history. From the moment it was launched in seven pretty colours back in 1997, it’s been a winner. But there are few facts you don’t come across every day in the tech blogs. Read on to find out more iMac and Apple Mac info, and why this computer is so iconic.


Mac fact 1

The very first graphic image drawn on a Mac was a cartoon line drawing of the famous Disney character, Scrooge McDuck. Considering McDuck was a massively wealthy millionaire and the Mac went on to become the most iconic computer of all time, that was rather appropriate.


Mac fact 2

The name Apple Macintosh was actually derived from a type of apple that grows in Canada, called the Mcintosh. Jobs added the ‘a’ and created the name Macintosh to stop any copyright infringement on the Apple variety. MAC, which stands for Mouse Activated Computer was another close contender. In the end Macintosh was dropped in favour of Apple Mac. But it was to be several yeas before


Mac fact 3

Back in 1984, computers were only used by businesses and the wealthy. They were not household items. But Jobs already had a vision that would see Apple Macintosh become a household name. The very first televised advertisement for Apple Mac was screened in prime viewing time – in the middle of the Superbowl. The advert wasn’t just any advert either. It was directed by Hollywood blockbuster director Ridley Scott, who had produced massive 80’s films including Blade Runner and Alien.


Mac Fact 4

The iMac appeared in 1997 – and literally saved Apple from liquidation. It was the also first computer ever to make connecting the internet an easy task. In just three steps you could be connected. In the days of dial-up, this seemed like an impossible dream – event to the technically minded. The iMac was available in seven colours and cost a hefty $1,200. It was a big price tag but also a massive success. The quirky design became instantly recognisable and appeared in lots of late 90’s blockbuster movies as a symbol if industry success.


Mac Fact 5

A brand-new Mac is a thing of beauty – and a plug and play dream with tons of great packages preloaded for your convenience. These include Spotlight, Facetime, Photos, Mail, Safari, Keynote, App Store iMovie, Garage Band, Pages, Messages, Calendar, Contacts, Notes, Maps, iTunes, iBooks, Mac OS with Touch ID and Numbers. The very first Apple Mac was a much less functional affair – and came with MacWrite and MacPaint. There wasn’t much else to add to it at that time either. But it still changed the face of computing as we know it, beating the famously popular Amstrad, the MSX, the Commodore 64 and other word processors to become the very first elite home computer.

Upgrade your Mac

In short, the Apple Mac redefined computing as we know it. Truth is, Mac is more relevant today than it ever was. Macs are superior. Their components and tech bar far outstrip Windows PCs and laptops. Any computer engineer will tell you that. And that’s why it’s important to take care of your Mac. It is not a throwaway item – like most PCs which are burnt out after five years’ use.

Furthermore, a Mac can deliver on expectations for years – if you take the time to upgrade the hard drive and the memory. And also, the price tag hasn’t dropped much either. They are still top of the range to buy as well. That’s why it’s important to upgrade them. Macs don’t go out of date. With a little tweaking, an Mac from 2001 will still outperform the latest PCs. And yet, when a PC suffers from burnout, you are looking at buying a brand-new computer, because fixing it is too expensive to be worth the bother. That just doesn’t occur with Macs.

So, call us today if you have a Mac that needs an upgrade of a tweak. These machines are superb tech and have changed the shape of IT and computing as we know it. Love your Mac and book it in for a repair, an upgrade, a diagnostic check and more. Our qualified engineers are here to help.

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