Mac repair, e-waste & upcyling your computer

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Mac repair, e-waste & upcyling your computer: Yes – we do go on about it. But let’s face it. E-waste is the next big environmental disaster after plastic. These days it’s cool to sip from a steel drinking straw and clean your teeth with a bamboo brush. But nobody blinks if you discard your old computer and replace it with a brand spanking new one. The same applies for all mobile devices and tech too. Here are a few facts about e-waste to help you decide whether repairing and upgrading – or buying new is really for you.


  • Did you know that we change our gadgets almost as often as we buy new clothes? Newly release smartphones and tech are launched twice a year – two seasons like the fashion industry and buying a new gadget with the latest tech has become a bit of a habit. Very often, our old gadgets don’t get recycled either. Because they hold sensitive data, and only tech-minded people are switched on enough to wipe them, we tend to either throw them away, or store them in a drawer until they are too old to be sold second had and re-used. Once past a certain sell-by date, throwing them out seems to be the natural next step.


  • E-waste comprises of lots of items, and the e basically stands for electronics. Did you know that around 50 millions tons of e-waste is generated every year. And that waste mostly comprises of cellphones, notebooks, games consoles and the like? E-waste also amounts to 70% of our toxic waste…


  • Did you know that less than 13% of e-waste is recycled? We at Darcy Consulting take our role of recycling very seriously. We recycle all components that can be used again – and we dispose of them responsibly. But lots of other outlets don’t. The result is that 85% of our e-waste ends up in landfills. And not only is it toxic – but the lots of the elements used to create those components in the first place, were also mined in a no eco-friendly manner. Its bad for the earth to produce them, and then they are discarded and left to rot.


  • E-waste is highly toxic. It contains lead, which when placed in landfills, can threaten local water supplies. Lead is a proven poison that affects child mental development. There are other nasties too, including arsenic, flame retardants, mercury, selenium and chromium. These substances leak most commonly from LCD monitors and TVs, cathode Ray tubes, discarded cell phones and computers.


  • Did you know that just keeping your cell phone for more than 18 months – and not upgrading it when the latest model is released will significantly cut down on e-waste? The same needs to be observed for all computer components. Sadly, 80% of e-waste from the West is sent to Asia.


  • An incredible 300 million computers – and more than 1 billion smartphones are produced every year globally. Our culture of waste ensure that at least 20% of that is dumped and replaced every single year too. That’s why at Darcy consulting, we take our role as computer repair engineers very seriously. The planet simply cannot keep up with our current levels of consumerism. Companies like Apple create really great products that are not disposable and throwaway. Indeed, a Mac will be the best computer investment you’ll ever make, simply because it can be repaired – and it doesn’t need to end up in a landfill. Furthermore, the parts are more readily recycled than cheaper computer components.


  • It also makes financial sense to repair and upcycle your Mac. While your average Windows computer costs you £300-400 and lasts five years, it will also not be cost effective to fix once the components burn out. It will be cheaper for you to replace that item, than get it repaired. This is not the case with Macs. Yes, they are expensive – a new Mac has price tag of at least £1,000 and up. But fixing that computer in five years time, and upgrading it with better parts so it runs like a new model, is all very doable.


So take care of your Mac. Upgrade it. Get it checked diagnostically if it runs slowly. Replace the track pads when they need it. Get a new battery, an SSD and new memory if required. All this is so much better than your computer ending up in a landfill in Asia, leaching toxins into local water supplies. We have a responsibility to take care of our planet. It is the only one we have. So cut back on plastic – and cut back on e-waste but recycling, repairing and not buying into the disposable tech culture.


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