Mac upgrades: 20 years of Mac styling

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Mac upgrades: 20 years of Mac styling: The iMac is iconic. There’s no other way to describe it. When Apple first launched the iMac way back in 1998, it was ground breaking. The Mac seven-colour styling in a home computer had never been seen before. It was bold, fun and even cute. Anyone who was anyone wanted the iMac. Not only that, but the way the screen and computer were seamlessly integrated sparked a whole new design theme for Apple and paved the way for modern PCs. Here are a few quirky facts that you probably never knew about the iMac


Mac Upgrades for the iMac

The ‘i’ in iMac stands for Internet. This is because it was the very first integrated computer to be easily connected to the internet. The iMac was the very first ‘i’ product launched by Apple. Since then, there has been the iPod, the iPad, the iPhone, iMovies, iLife, iTunes and iWork. Never has a brand been so well recognized by the placement of one lowercase letter prefix. Steve Jobs apparently wanted to call the iMac the MacMan – but Ken Segall who worked for Apple’s ad agency vetoed the move. The famous ‘i’ could also be attributed to Jonathon Ive who designed the original iMac. Hailing from Essex, he is now the Chief Design Officer for Apple and has received a knighthood.

The first Mac USB

The iMac was the very first computer to introduce the concept of a USB drive. Decades before it’s time, this invention was the nail of the floppy disk. Instead of boring beige, the iMac came in a dazzling array of colours, from Blueberry and Grape to Tangerine, Strawberry, Dalmation and even Flower Power. Suddenly, being into computers was achingly cool. The iMac literally saved Apple from liquidation.

Mac Prices

The iMac’s first price tag was enormous. Way back in 1998, a new iMac cost $1,299! Inflation terms mean that price tag today would be more like $7,000. It was the ultimate Christmas present, and the advertising campaign pulled out all the stops. Jeff Goldblum – a the peak of his career – narrated the first advert. If you received an iMac in your stocking, you were very lucky indeed.

Mac power

By today’s standards, the iMac was weedy. But back in 1998, the 4GB hard drive, the 15-inch and the 233HMz G3 processor was truly ground breaking. It took just two simple steps to connect the iMac to the internet – which back then was a messy affair consisting of dial-ups and phone lines and no Wifi at all.

Mac Protocol

In 2002, iMac broke protocol again with the iMac G4. This time the base was hemispherical, and the monitor was flat screened and suffixed to it. The design drew criticism from many areas, but the public loved it. It was this design that led to the fully integrated flat screen of the iconic iMac that we know and love so well today.

iMac designs

From 2009, things really began to take shape as the iMac started to morph into bigger flat screen, aluminum designs. The 21 inch and 27 inch screens were launched. These became more refined, thinner and with crisper, super high resolution displays. The iMac as we know it was born in 2012.

Mac longevity

If you bought your iMac back then, chances are it’s still running really well. The thing about Macs is they last and last. Windows PCs are the disposable, cheap versions of the Apple. Macs can be upgraded and serviced – and because the components are so good, they fair well on the second hand market. Lots of people would only consider buying a second hand PC if they needed it for a spare – or as a first computer for kids. But a second hand Mac from 2012 is still considered a fine piece of hardware.

Mac upgrade tech

If you are an iMac fan but are finding your Mac running a bit slow these days, don’t consider upgrading to a newer model until you’ve spoken to a Mac repair expert. Upgrading your almost decade old Mac could well result in you using for the nest decade. Macs last. They don’t out date easily – and they are very up gradable – from software solutions to new hard drives and more. Speak to one of our Mac repair experts today for a free quote on parts and servicing.

Upgrade your Mac

If you own a vintage Mac, why not invest in a few upgrades for it? While the really old machines are now becoming collector’s items, models post 2008 are still very usable. A new hard drive, a new keyboard and a few tweaks and improvements, and your retro Mac could be the centerpiece of your office. Call Darcy Consulting today about the our Mac upgrade solutions.

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