Mac Upgrades Ipswich: Should I upgrade my Mac?

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Mac Upgrades Ipswich: Should I upgrade my Mac? So you’ve had your Apple Mac for a few years and now, it’s getting a bit slow. You’ve had a few issues with some of the apps, and the performance is definitely not what it once was. You’d like a new Apple Mac, but they are so pricey. Let’s face it, it’s around £5,000 for the new iMac Pro….

But, your Mac is now nine years old – a 2011 model. Surely, if you want to stay ahead of the game, you should consider a new computer?

Honestly, no. And we’re not saying that just because we want your business (although we do, obviously). We’re saying it because as Apple Mac experts with 20 year experience in fixing and reconditioning these amazing computers, we know that they have a lot of potential – even when they are old.

In fact, a 2011 model is a good place to start. Can you imagine working a professional role on a nine year old Windows PC? Of course not! That would be ridiculous. But a 2011 Apple Mac is still a very relevant piece of kit. Here are three top ways you can upgrade your Apple Mac, without breaking the bank, and guaranteeing great performance.

Upgrade your Apple Mac hard drive to an SSD

An SSD hard drive is an amazing invention. Basically, it replicates all the performance and more of a standard hard drive. But it’s faster, more resilient to damage, and can store more stuff. Cool! Not only that, but it’s easy to install – for an engineer anyway. The task only takes around an hour. Today’s SSD’s are lightening fast and lightweight too. There are no fans to keep it cool because it contains zero moving parts. That means your Apple Mac will be quieter – and won’t overheat so much either. What a double bonus.

Upgrade your Apple Mac memory

Upgrading your RAM is a very good way to improve the performance of your Apple Mac. These days, computers are required to handle multiple tasks, and the 8GB RAM can usually handle things. But by doubling your RAM, say, to 16GB, your Apple Mac will literally be ready for anything. Okay – not necessarily gaming. But who games on an Apple Mac anyway? That would be so uncool.

Upgrade your Apple Mac software

As Apple Mac experts, we very often spend our time tweaking the software, cleaning up drives and basically fine tuning your Apple Mac operating system. For non-I.T minded folk, the prospect of investigating the complicated settings and installations is a daunting task. For good reason, it takes a lot of experience to create a good Apple Mac engineer. Software can be one of the trickier problems. So, for a jolly good data cleanse and service, as well as a few installations and tweaks, we can service your Apple Mac performance with our diagnostic skills. If you add this to a new SSD and more RAM, your Apple Mac will be speeding along before you know it.

How much does it cost to upgrade my Apple Mac?

Well, that all depends on how much you get upgraded. Each of the above options will result in better performance. But if you opt for all three, you’ll have yourself a very happy, fast Apple Mac. Interestingly, the older Apple Mac models are much easier and more capable of being upgraded. Apple is now much more profit savvy, and build in components, or use cement to secure parts, which makes them very tricky to remove. However, if your Mac is five or more years old, you’ll be happy to learn it’s a much better computer to upgrade.

Apple Mac Upgrades Ipswich

At Darcy Consulting, we take the business of repair and recycling very seriously. Why spend thousands of pounds on something new, and scrap a perfectly good computer? Another way to consider our service is for second hand sales. If you want to sell your existing Apple Mac, you can bring it to us for a data purge and tweak, so the performance is good for the potential buyers.

For more information on our FREE collection and delivery service, call 01473 845011 – or visit for more info.

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