Mac Upgrades Ipswich: SIX amazing Mac Facts

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Mac Upgrades Ipswich: Five functions that make Macs amazing: Arwe you a Mac fan? If not, you soon will be. Because Macs are quite simply incredible tech. Not only do they last longer (way longer) than any PC or Windows laptop, but they have all these amazing features too. Some of them will make you laugh out loud (like number three) and wish your company used Macs as standard.  Check out five amazing Mac functions that will make you an Apple convert overnight.


Mac Fact 1: Hide social media usage from your work colleagues

Let’s face it. We all do it. A little browse here and there of the newsfeeds to keep our brains amused and ticking over while we tackle the tedious work tasks like troopers. Sometimes you need a break from the grind – a distraction. And social media if great for that. But let’s be clear. A lot of bosses don’t feel that way. In fact some companies routinely ban social media sites during work hours to prevent workers from wasting company time on them. Apple however, has thought around his problem. If you feel the burning eyes of your boss on your back, while your surfing the newsfeed – or even applying for a new job, simply hit the Command and H (for hide) keys and your current screen will disappear. If you have several screens open that are incriminating, simply hit Command and M and every window will minimize automatically.


Mac Fact 2: Move your to the top of the printing line

Do you get fed up with waiting for your documents to print, just because someone else got in there first with their 200-page annual report? You just need to print off a few pages, yet you have to wait 20 minutes and replace the toner cartridge because someone hit print 5 seconds before you did. Well, Mac is on your side with this one. That’s why it enables you to literally log into every available printer on your radius – and it queues your work with the first available one. That means you aren’t tied to one particular printer – and can utilise any number to save waiting about in the print line.


Mac Fact 3: Mac read-aloud setting

Fed up with reading? Want to put your feet up and close your eyes? You Mac is the perfect reading companion. Just select your text, highlight it, go to Edit, choose Speech then Start Speaking. This function is absolutely brilliant if you have a large document you need to read through – or if you have written a speech that you need to hear someone else read aloud. Not only will your Mac read it to you, but you can change the voice as well. Simply select Dictation & Speech from the preferences menu – and off you go.


Mac Fact 4: limit your child’s screen time usage

This is a good function for parents. While there are lots of third-party apps that claim to allow parents the same options, lots of them don’t work particularly effectively. Thankfully, your Mac is way ahead on this one. You can choose what time your Mac switches itself off, which applications you deem suitable and so on. The parental controls are self-explanatory and brilliant for kids with a penchant for extra screen time. You can also set a schedule of hours allowed and which apps your child can access. It’s the perfect function for school nights when screen time seems to dominate where homework should.


Mac Fact 5: online shopping

Not such a great function for shopaholics. However, if you do most of your purchasing online, and you get fed up with constantly filling in the credit card details, your Mac has the ability to store your favourite card details and bring them all up when it’s time to hit the Buy button. It’s just another one of those lovely little functions that makes macs such a joy to use.


Mac Fact 6: Mac Upgrades Ipswich

If you really love your Mac, take it for an upgrade and get is running fast and efficiently again. Apple Mac technology is truly amazing. Hard wearing, up gradable and stylish, we are huge fans. At Darcy Consulting, we offer a range of upgrades to power up your Mac. From new batteries, to replacement hard drives, touch pads and screen replacement, we can keep your Apple Mac looking and running well for years to come. Contact us today on Ipswich 01473 845011 for a quote. We also offer FREE collection and delivery in Ipswich, Woodbridge. Kesgrave and Stowmarket.



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