Mac water damage: I spilled coffee on my Mac

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Mac water damage: This is one of the most common injuries we see in our Mac clinic. You’ve been happily working away and while reaching over to pick something up, your coffee mug is upset all over your keyboard. Sometimes it’s water. Sometimes it’s juice. Sometimes it’s tea. Whatever the liquid that’s been spilled on your Mac – it’s not a good thing.


It’s especially distressing when your computer is new – and it’s cost you over £1,000. But, it happens. And it doesn’t mean sudden death to your beautiful Mac – if you let us help you through some necessary steps to preserve your Mac hardware.

Step one: Don’t panic

If you panic and don’t make the right call, your Mac will sustain more damage. Read on for the fastest way to protect your Mac from a coffee spill. The next two steps are very important and to be effective at reducing internal damage, must be done within 10 seconds of the spillage. Time is of the essence!

Step two: Cut all power to your Mac

This doesn’t just include cutting the power at the button. It means disconnecting your Mac from the mains immediately. Remove the battery and all other reachable parts to ensure no power at all is coursing through your Mac and leading to circuit malfunction and burnout.

Then, immediately turn your Mac into an upside-down V. Place a towel under the V to soak up any dripping liquid. Keep your laptop like that until it seems fairly dry.

Step three: Visit your local Mac repair expert as soon as possible

You might be lucky and find that your Mac, once dry, turns on again and seems to function normally. Macs are amazing computers and not every spillage results in sudden death. However, be aware that the inside of your computer will still be damp. The moisture you can’t see will result in erosion of the components. Therefore it’s essential to seek expert assistance before believing you have had a lucky escape. Corrosion inside the Mac could result in a much more costly repair – or a repair not being possible at all.

Mac water damage repair facts

  • The vast majority of Macs that have had liquid spilt on them, require new keyboards and tracking pads.
  • A laptop Mac is more vulnerable to liquid than an iMac or Mac Mini
  • The type of beverage spill makes a difference in terms of the ease of repair. Water is the least noxious substance and the easiest to remove.
  • Wine is the worst substance to spill on a Mac – as well as sugary coffee. Most wine damaged Macs require extensive repair work.

Ultimately, an engineer should be able to fix the damage if you have been careful and stuck to the 10 second rule. It’s best to leave the repairs to the experts as there are lots of advice forums out there that don’t give users a true picture of the damage liquids and premature use can cause your Mac or MacBook.

Call us today at Darcy Consulting. We provide FREE collection and deliver in the Ipswich area. We also cover Kesgrave, Stowmarket, Woodbridge and Needham Market. One of our engineers will collect your Mac, and it will be repaired and delivered back to you once diagnostics repair work has been carried out.

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