MacBook Pro Touch Pad Repair: FOUR trackpad tips

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MacBook Pro Touch Pad Repair

One of the most common repairs we deal with daily, are trackpad issues. Although most users refer to this element as a touch pad, it is formerly known as a trackpad. And, there are lots of things you can try doing at home before you decide that that a Mac engineer needs to intervene.

How to unlock a locked Apple Mac pro touch pad

Sometimes, trackpads get locked, whether it’s because your cat stalked your keyboard, or your kids were playing with it – or perhaps you accidentally hit the wrong key. But don’t panic. Here’s what you can do. Using the number keys, move the arrow. Next, click the number 5 on the keyboard to ‘select items’. Then tap the Apple icon. It should be at the top of your display. Choose ‘system preferences’ and then ‘Universal Access’ and then finally, ‘Mouse & Trackpad’. Once you’ve done that, your trackpad should be good to go.

How to fix a disabled Apple Mac touch pad

Sometimes, the trackpad on a MacBook has been disabled for some reason. This could be because your new computer is a reconditioned Mac, and the previous user, for whatever reason, decided they didn’t want to use the trackpad. To re-enable your MacBook trackpad, head to the Apple menus, and select ‘system preferences’. Next, click on the Accessibility option. That will take you to a list of elements. You should be able to choose ‘Mouse and Trackpad from that list. You can then tick the option box beside ‘Ignore built-in trackpad when mouse or wireless trackpad is present’  And behold – your trackpad will be re-enabled. Happy days!

Apple Mac Touch Pad tricks

Your trackpad is actually a very special feature of your Mac – and even has its own language in terms of touch and operations. If you’ve been used to PC’s, you’ll suddenly find your finger movements don’t always get you where you want to be – and there are no right and left click buttons! Don’t panic. It’s all just fine. Check out the following finger-moves for perfect and professional Apple Mac trackpad operations.

Zoom click – tap twice, with two fingers to magically enlarge the contents of websites or documents

Scroll – Use two fingers to move through documents on screen, or websites etc.

Left-click or select – just tap once on the track pad with one finger. This will highlight, click links and select areas.

Right click – Use two fingers to tap once the trackpad.

How do I fix my Apple Mac Touch Pad?

If none of the above have been successful for you, there could be number of reasons why your Apple Mac touch pad isn’t working. If you aren’t comfortable about delving into the software issues (not many people are) we suggest you take your Apple Mac to a professional repair technician. In this case, your Apple Mac will require some diagnostics work. It might also be that your touch pad needs to be replaced – or that you need a new battery for your Apple Mac.

But do try all the above methods before you book an engineer. While we absolutely love fixing Apple Macs, we also want users to know their Apple Macs better too. The more confident you are with your Mac, the more you can do to ensure it runs well – and only needs to see us when something big goes array.

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