MacBook Repair News: MacBook costs £8,261 in repairs – until the real problem is diagnosed

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MacBook Repair News: We see a lot of software and hardware issues every day at Darcy Consulting. As the top Mac repair specialists in Ipswich, our collection point is an eye-opening array of computer repairs. We’ve had our fair share of crazy repair stories – like the drunk photographer who accidentally peed on his MacBook Pro (yes – we fixed it) to the kid who wanted to create a backlit keypad using LED strips. It didn’t go to plan.

But the funniest repair story we’ve heard recently beats both of those tech tales hands down. Basically, it’s the story of the MacBook with a problem that cost £8,261 – simply because nobody diagnosed an incredibly simple issue.

MacBook Repair News

The story begins with a US based photographer who started having problems with his MacBook pro. The display had started to go dark, thus making the laptop completely unusable. So, he took the MacBook Pro for repair.

However, the computer repair service wasn’t able to diagnose the problem – and supplied him with a replacement Apple MacBook, while his computer was sent to head office for further diagnostics.

Finally, after still not discovering what was causing the issue, they backed up the computer hard drive and wiped the MacBook hard drive. This seemed to fix the problem. Although still, nobody knew how the dark display had occurred.

A month later, the dark screen returned. Cue the owner returning it to the repair shop, who once again took a week to try and fix it, and then had to wipe it again.

This series of events happened a further three times over the next three months, leading to the repair bill escalating to a massive £8,261. Still unable to diagnose the issue, Apple sent the photographer a brand-new MacBook Pro worth £6,000.

However, less than a month later, you’ve guessed it – the dark display returned. And this time, it was on the new computer… But finally, the excruciatingly simple reason for the astronomical repair was discovered…

Another MacBook Repair

The photographer, called Greg Benz, wrote about the incident on his blog, saying; “So after losing about two weeks of my time, $10,000 in Apple warranty repairs (two logic boards, new cables, and a complete replacement of a $7000 computer), troubleshooting input from several Apple Geniuses, level one and two tech support from Apple Corporate, diagnostic tests at the Apple Store, and diagnostic tests twice at Apple’s repair facility in Texas; what was the root issue?” Benz wrote.

Turns out the screen display brightness setting was turned to off.

Benz had been using a second monitor to edit his work on. He frequently turned off the screen brightness once his MacBook was hooked up to the additional screen. Naturally, when he turned it back on, the brightness was still on zero…

Benz described how he used a torch to shine it on the display – and he realised he could see the faint outline of the avatar. That’s when he realised the brightness level was off. And there never had been a problem with the MacBook at all.

He then managed to fix the problem with a few short clicks… He writes: “Just wait a few moments after pressing the power button – then key in the first letter of your username, click , input your password and click again.”

While the frustration of everyone involved in ‘the mystery of the dark display MacBook’ must have been incredibly frustrating, it goes to show how the simplest problems can cause massive irritation, cost time and money. Had the technician simply examined the screen properly with a torch, to see if any part of the display was still functional, he would have discovered the simplicity of the repair.

Darcy Consulting Apple Mac Repair Ipswich

This story is a lesson to all Mac technicians. It teaches us nerds to investigate the simplest solutions – and the ridiculously obvious ones, before going for the more likely and expensive. Diagnostics is a huge field when you are dealing with a computer as complex as an Apple Mac. The route to success is to rule out every obvious solution first. Funnily enough, we make sure we do the torch screen check if a dark display ever crosses our threshold, so Benz would have had a fast and cheap repair if he’d called on us…  Contact us for your repair needs.

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