MacBook Repair: FIVE ESSENTIAL Mac set-up tips

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MacBook Repair: Five essential Mac set-up tips Here’s how to get started with your new iMac, Mac mini, MacBook, or MacBook Pro. So you’ve got a brand new Mac – and you’re really excited. Macs are, after all, amazing. The tech, the styling, the performance power and the status – it’s all there in that sleek, silver case of space-age loveliness…

Or is it? To be fair, Mac are all of the above and more. But if you are new to iOS and Apple, getting your new Mac installed and up and running, will almost certainly come with it’s fair share of teething troubles.

Mac is easier than other systems (i.e.Windows) to get up and running. The following tips will help ease you so smoothly into Apple user happiness, that you’ll be baffled about how you coped with the other side for so long.

1# The Mac set-up 10-step programme

It takes 10 steps to get your Mac up and running. Once the initial unboxing has happened, you then need to plug in the power supply, boot up your new Mac Baby and follow the instructions on screen to connect the wifi. To do this you will need to follow the on screen instructions, selecting your chosen language and wifi network. It’s important to get the language Mac set-up correct because if you don’t, your Mac will treat your keyboard according to region you’ve selected, which means your familiar keys may suddenly become horribly unfamiliar.

2# Plug in your Mac to assist set-up

If you bought a Macbook Pro or Air, and you are new to Macs, the first thing you’ll notice is that it powers up and begins the set-up for you, as soon as you open the screen. That’s because Apple ship their new batteries partially powered. However, the battery will have lost some power in transit, so plug in your new Mac anyway to continue the set-up process.

3# Transfer your content for your Mac set-up

Content transfer from your old Mac to help set-up your new Mac. If you were using a Mac previously, this is an amazingly good aspect of Mac set-up. Basically, your new Mac will ask you to connect to your old mac via wifi, and will then transfer all the files and docs on your old machine to your pristine new one. This takes a little while to complete, but it’s so much easier than transferring all your data to an external hard drive, and then transferring it over to your new laptop, as per Windows systems.

4# Apple Mac user account set-up

Just because you bought into Apple, doesn’t mean you can bypass the whole user account stuff. Apple asks for the same sorts of details as Google when you are setting up your new computer. You will need an ID and Password for the Apple account. Apple has tried to ensure this process is as pain-free as possible. It’s also handy because if your computer is going to be used by several people, they can each be set up as users on the Mac. That way, when they log on, they will only see the desktop they have been working with – and not work produced by anyone else. Even if you won’t be sharing your Mac with anyone, you will still need to follow the account set-up procedure.

5# Siri set-up on your Mac

You might not like the idea of Siri, but it can be a useful tool – and you probably will use it at some point. Select Yes on the option to have this function. Another must-have option is the diagnostics tool. If your Mac crashes or glitches, this ensure the event is recorded and sent to Apple so that potential bugs can be fixed in iOS, making your journey with Apple Mac even more stress free that is already it – we hope! Finally, the last step in Mac set-up is to select your screen setting – dark or light. If you dpon’t wish to select it, the default mode is light.

Buy a reconditioned Mac and we will assist you in set-up

This is a very basic overview of how to get your Mac up and running if you’ve never used one before and you’re unboxing for the first time. However, if you opt for a reconditioned Mac, it’s even easier. When we sell reconditioned Macs to our customers, we also offer to help them with the complete set-up process. If you are not comfortable with handling the set-up on your own, this can be extremely helpful. Our engineers can talk you through the pre-installed apps on the desktop and also recommend programmes to help your mac run more efficiently, according to your usage of it.

It goes without saying, that purchasing a reconditioned Mac will save you cash – and also helps the environment. The amount of e-waste generated by the IT industry grows in tonnage year by year. You help prevent that by buying into the recycled Mac industry.

MacBook Repair

And if you have an older MacBook, why not bring it into us for an upgrade? We refurbish all Mac models, from screen repair and track pad and touch pad replacement and more. We also replace keyboards, hard drives and manage software upgrades.



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