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MacBook Screen Replacement

So you’ve damaged your MacBook screen. It’s a fundamental element of your computer. You can’t work around this creak, and you know it’s going to cost you. However, don’t beat yourself up too much – especially of you have a retina display. One of the reasons why these screens are so vulnerable, is that as part of the design, Apple took away the protective glass screen. And as a result, the retina display is one of the most frequent fixes we see in our repair shop – almost on a daily basis.

In fact, this the vulnerability that leads us to advise against buying ex demo MacBooks, which seem like a fantastic bargain, but are probably damaged due to excessive poking of screens and rough handling. See our blog on ex-demo MacBook models here.

MacBook Screen Replacement Cost

This aspect of MacBook repair is a difficult one to quantify, basically because there are a number of model variations out there. The cost of your new MacBook screen very much depends on the model requirements. A retina screen, for example, is going to be more costly than an LCD. There are also screen sizes to take into account.

But in terms of parts, we can give you some ball park figures. A 13 inch screen for a MacBook Pro could set you back around £300. Repair service charges would be added on top of that. Labour charges depend on the technician’s repair fees.  The newer the MacBook and the bigger the screen, the more expensive the repair. If your MacBook is 2016 or newer and has a 15 inch screen, for example, the cost of part replacement will rise to the £500 mark.

Is it worth it?

Yes, Absolutely. All Mac tech is of exceptional quality. Therefore, repairing your MacBook is always a good option. Yes, the parts can be costly. But they won’t be as costly as buying a new MacBook. One of the reasons why e-waste is such a problem, is that very often, it’s cheaper to buy a new piece of tech than it is to repair it. Not so with a MacBook. Even a relatively new one will be worth repairing, because they are such expensive computers to buy.

Essential parts, such as hard drives, new MacBook batteries, a new MacBook screen and the like, will seem expensive to replace. However, look at this as an investment in your hardware – and the future health of the planet. But choosing to repair, you are making a financially and environmentally sound investment. Macs are built to last. We see lots of computers from 2011 that are still in full use and doing an amazing job. When was the last time you saw a Windows laptop from 2011 that was still fully functional and fast?

At Darcy Consulting, we repair all Mac models – and we also responsibly dispose of or recycle parts that can no longer be used. Our mantra is always to repair, reuse and recondition. We also offer a totally FREE collection and delivery service to your home or office. That means if your Mac stops working, you don;t even need to take it to a repair shop. Our technician will come to you to collect your Mac, and bring it back once it’s repaired.

People lead busy lives, and that’s one of the reasons they might decide not to repair their old Mac, and buy new instead. We’re here to make your repair as easy and as fast as possible.

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