My Apple Mac is slow: 3 speedy solutions

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My Apple Mac is slow: Our computers are a huge part of our lives. We use them to socialise, to work, to play and to shop too. This means that the last thing that we are going to want is to find that our laptop or Apple Mac isn’t working well.

Many people just accept a slow MacBook or iMac as part and parcel of owning one, especially over time. However, we are here to tell you that it doesn’t have to always be the case, in fact there are plenty of ways that you can try and speed up a slow laptop.

Free up space on your Apple Mac hard drive

Your Apple Mac iMac or MacBook Pro may have cost five times that of  a Windows PC. But that doesn’t mean it has an infinite memory. All computers reach their capacity at some point. And if you’ve been loading up your MacBook or iMac with heavy hi res image files or video, at some point, the hard drive will reach full capacity.

That’s why  We all have a tendency to put as much as possible on our laptops so that it is all in one safe storage location. Over time though, this is going to mean that your laptop becomes full and unable to boot up anymore. It is important that you free up disk space on your computers as much as possible. This could be by moving videos and photos to a Cloud storage or perhaps just having an external hard drive which will store your files for you.

Update your Apple Mac iOS software

Updates on Windows computers are a pain to deal with. Apple, by contrast, only has them occasionally. However, if your Apple Mac iOS has not been updated, the performance won’t be as efficient as it should be. To find out how to update your iOS, visit here.

Though it may seem counter productive to download more features when you are trying to free up space, it’s actually very logical.  The lack of updates being downloaded could be the reason for your sluggish computer. Make sure you download software updates as they ping on your laptop as they could contain a fix which is going to help make sure that your computer is running as it should.

Clear your cache

When you visit a web page, there is a small file created within the cache. This will often be a cookie too, which is a bite-size chunk of information that relates to who you are and what you can do. Over time, these small files will get too much and there will be no space on the cache for the files that you want to save. This means that there is no choice but to move your documents and images into a shared drive which they can access whenever they want.

As you can see, there is so much that you can do to make sure that your laptop is working as well as it can for as long as possible. Why not try some of these key tips yourself and see if they may an improvement on your laptop as a whole?

Upgrade your Apple Mac

If all those expert tips don;t help speed things up sufficiently, don’t panic! At Darcy Consulting, we perform upgrades on Apple Macs all the time. Because the tech on an Apple Mac is so good, there’s no reason why your computer shouldn’t still be running well 10 years after purchase date. The components can be updated to improve the software performance and the latest iOS can also be added.

A new SSD hard drive is a huge benefit to older Apple Macs – from MacBooks to iMacs. These fantastic devices are made in one solid piece – hence the name Solid State Drive. This means there are no moving parts to go wrong and no fans required to keep everything cool. Not only that but SSD’s are also much faster and storing and delivering information, so straight  away, your computer will be faster.

Apple Mac Upgrades Ipswich

Our Apple Mac upgrades can be done in a 24 hour turnaround, from collection to delivery. That means your down time for work and using your computer is minimal – and best of all, you’ll get back a computer that works brilliantly. We have a handy collection point in central Ipswich. We also run a FREE collection and delivery service in the Suffolk area – so that customers can have the benefit of additional convenience. Call us today on Ipswich 01473 845 011.


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