PC and laptop repair Suffolk: Three signs your computer needs servicing

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PC and laptop repair Suffolk: When your computer goes wrong, it’s often at the most inconvenient time. However, your computer has probably been warning you for quite some time that things are not quite right. And because it’s been limping on and you’ve been busy, you’ve ignored the warning signs.

Fixing your computer after it’s gone completely kaput, is like shutting the stable door after the proverbial horse has bolted. Very often, the down time will have a knock on effect on your work flow too, costing you time and money. So, take care of your tech and watch for the tell-tale signs that all is not well in PC and laptop land.

Your PC or laptop is making strange noises

This could be one of a few things, but is most probably just one problem – your fan. The fan in a computer is essential – especially if you have a traditional style hard drive. The moving parts in your hard drive create heat. The heat disrupts the performance of the circuitry, and so, every computer is fitted with a fan. The fan keeps everything running smoothly – until it wears out, or gets so clogged up that it’s no longer efficient.

Fans can break – or can just get horribly congested with dust and debris. We may keep a very tidy desk, but that doesn’t stop dust from accumulating in the vents of your laptop or PC. A good clean out might be all that is required. But be warned. If your fan starts running at a level where the noise is noticeable, act quickly and get it cleaned. If you leave it running when it’s clogged, it will burn out – and your laptop will overheat and possibly cause irreparable damage to essential components, such as the motherboard…

Your PC and laptop repair involves a new hard drive

Like a fan, traditional hard drives have moving parts. These can get worn out over time – and can overheat, causing disruption and dismay to you as a user, as your computer starts to misbehave. You may have problems powering up – or crashing at inconvenient times. You might also find that your operating system misbehaves. All these aspects can be incredibly frustrating – not to mention counterproductive. They will cost you in time and money if you don’t address the issue before it causes a hard drive meltdown.

Your computer keeps glitching

When  we say glitching, we mean there is a general sense of things not being quite right. Your printer, for example, has connectivity issues. Your keyboard has some erratic behavior – such as deleting copy you just created, or with the cursor disappearing. Then there are other things, like internet dropping constantly, and problems using your mouse or trackpad. Basically, your computer becomes troublesome. This range of problems points to an issue with your drivers – and also your hardware too. They might seem like annoying, small glitches, but grouped together, they point to a much bigger problem that requires addressing. Of course, these types of problems can also be related to viruses. Far too many computer users fail to correctly update their anti-virus software.

Most people’s computers and laptops are plugged into the internet on a fairly permanent basis. That means you could easily get an infection on your hard drive from some malicious malware installed on an infected website. You might not even know you’ve picked it up until a few weeks later, when it starts to mess about with your operating systems. In both cases, a good, professional clean up is recommended. Running an anti-virus scan, and or doing a complete reinstall, can be the answer to your computer gremlin problems.

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