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Revamp your old Apple Mac: Did you know that older model Apple Macs are actually becoming trendy? These groundbreaking computers which brought so much change to our lives, are, very often, gathering dust in attics and garages. And yet, we should be proudly dusting them off and letting them help us make a statement.

Your classic Apple Mac – we refer to them as classic because they deserve the accolade – are highly desirable and very upgradable if you know a good Mac engineer. Can you imagine the impact you’d make if you turned up to a meeting with an Apple Clamshell iBook, for example? If nothing else, it would be a fanstastic meeting talking point to break the ice.

While the sleek and serious new Apple Macs are the hallmark of corporate success, more and more, retro designs are making an impact on the design industry.

So, if you’d like to revamp your old Apple Mac, here’s how we can help you make that happen. Once you Apple Macc has been upgraded, the performance will be significantly better than the original components could provide. Think of it as custom upgrading an old car with new parts.


Apple Mac Clamshell iBook (1999-2000)

The iBook G3/366 Special Edition Clamshell featured a 366 MHz PowerPC 750 (G3) processor, 64 MB of RAM, a 6.0 GB hard drive. It also had an active matrix display of just 800×600 native resolution. The specs of this iconic Apple Mac pale into insignificance when compared to today’s slick and streamlined Apple Macs, espeically when you consider that cheap smartphones offer better tech specs. But seriously – who could forget the executive who walked into the office clutching one of these babies under his arm back in 1999? They were unique in terms of style, and we, think, still look the business.


The CPU (from G3 to PowerPC G4 7410)


The hard drive

The cooling system


Apple Mac iMac G5 2004

These desktop wizards took the design industry by story. Soon it was obligatory for every modern and artsy agency to use only the iMac G5s . They came on to the market in the early noughties and were a gamechanger for industries everywhere. However, the downside to the iMac G5’s is in the processor. These were soldered to the motherboard, which makes it difficult to upgrade them significantly. You can, however, upgrade them to a max of 2.5 RAM, which will make a reasonable difference to the processing speed, considering the original components provide just 512GB of RAM.



The Hard drive


Apple Mac Pro 2008

If you’ve got one of these babies stashed away where the sun doesn’t shine, get it out, dust it off, and hot foot it along to your local mac specialist. Did you know that an upgraded Mac Pro from 2008 can still fetch around £400 on the second hand computer market? That’s right – they are still very usable – and all you have to do is upgrade the pasrt. If you want your machine to be super fast, start with the RAM. You can add up to 32GB – that’s a gamer’s spec delight. Next stop is the graphics card. Like all computers, lots of RAM plus a decent graphics card plus a good hard drive and a processor, will basically get you the machine you want to use every day.


The Processors


The Hard Drive

The optical Drive

The graphics card


Ipswich Apple Mac repair services

If you feel inspired enough by this post to revamp your old Apple Mac, we can help. Darcy Consulting is an established Apple Mac repair service. Our engineers have over 20 years in Apple Mac technology and really are the best in the business. If you have a problem with your Apple Mac, and it’s out of warranty, we can help.

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