Secondhand Apple Macs: Buyer’s tips

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Secondhand Apple Macs are a very valid option when it comes to upgrading your tech. If you’ve been using Windows and you want to test the macOS water, getting yourself a secondhand Apple Mac is often a good way to see whether you can adapt easily to the new platform. As huge fans of Mac technology, we’re clearly a little biased. But we do think that once you get used to Apple, you’ll never want to revert back to clunky old Windows. However, before your foray into the wonderful world of Apple Mac, we do advise that you start off small – in terms of price tag, that is.


  • ‘Secondhand Apple Macs’ doesn’t mean obsolete

When it comes to Apple Macs, don’t let the age of a computer put you off. For example, an iMac from 2011 is still a great machine. In fact, if you decide to invest in an Apple Mac of this vintage, there are several advantages. Firstly, the price will be low – around the £250 to £350 depending on spec. Secondly, an older iMac is very upgradable. So, if you do decide to buy, you can easily have the old hard drive swapped out for a super-fast SSD, and the upgrade the RAM, once these two hardware changes are made, your Apple Mac will run much faster.

  • Your screen will be much more replaceable

One of the biggest issues with the newer Apple Mac design is the way the screens have been fitter in the newest models. Prior to 2015, Apple Mac screens were fitted with an overglass that snapped onto the frame using a series of magnets. Unfortunately, in later years, this very effective system was changed and the overglass began to be glues on with a specialist cement. Often, when screens break, it’s simply the overglass that need to be replaced. But even if the damage is more extensive, engineers are now hampered by the glued on casing. Removing that first layer well enough to replace the components underneath, it a very tricky business. And we see a lot of machines than have been damage by attempted repairs that have gone wrong. Ergo, an older machine has a far more reparable screen, which just happens to be one of the most expensive repair jobs a Mac can require.

  • Be wary of battery issues

If you’re looking at buying a secondhand MacBook, make sure you carry out careful diagnostics prior to purchasing it. A typical Apple Mac battery is supposed to last for 1000 full charges and depletions. However, once the battery hits the 750 charges mark, you may well see a decline in the performance of the computer. If you’re buying secondhand, it’s important to recognize this – because it might be a good bargaining chip on price. Batteries are very replaceable, but they are not cheap. And frankly, it’s a hassle to have an Apple MacBook laptop that doesn’t have a great battery. The entire purpose of a laptop is so that you can work on the go.

Check the battery status with the Battery diagnostics tool in the settings menu. If the battery has passed the 750 charges point, ask for a hefty discount on price.

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