Should I buy a reconditioned Apple Mac?: Ipswich Mac Repair

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Should I buy a reconditioned Apple Mac?: Ipswich Mac Repair Apple Macs are great computers. And there are a million blogs out there that compare their virtues against PC market. As the leading Mac repair service in Ipswich, we are obviously big fans of Apple technology.

But, is a reconditioned Mac worth the investment? Or if your budget is limited, should you think about investing in a new PC? Here are the main reasons we think you should opt to repair your Mac instead of buying a PC.

  • A reconditioned Apple Mac fits the budget

We get that. Apple Macs are very expensive – for good reason. But nonetheless, not everyone can afford a new one every other year. However, the initial investment you make in a new Mac, should give you some indication of the tech quality you are buying into. Ultimately, Macs last – much longer than your average Windows PC or laptop. The quality of the components is something you should consider. For example, a Mac that is five years old, can still easily outperform and brand-new Windows PC.

  • Computer buying choice can be crippling

You know that feeling when you go to a giant supermarket for the first time, and you don’t know your way around, and the choice is just over whelming? Well, that’s about how you’ll feel shopping for a new PC. The choice on the market today is huge. And while that can be a good thing – it can also be very confusing – and you might not make the best choice available either. On the other hand, with Apple Macs, it’s simple. There are a limited number of models available, both new and reconditioned. You could also make the decision to upgrade your current Mac for much the same budget or less, than you would spend on a shiny new PC.

  • Apple Mac and Windows user experience

Swapping from Mac to Windows brings with it adjustments that are user shaped. Not many people easily make the transition. The transition totally smoothly from Mac to PC. If you are a busy person with a lot of work to do, and you decide to swap over from OS to Windows, it can be a frustrating process. For those who know Windows, everything is easy. But as you’ve probably experienced when you buy a new smartphone, getting used to new tech can be challenging. Sometimes, its just better the devil you know. And if you know Apple Mac, why not stick to it?

  • Environmental responsibility and e-waste

We all know there is far too much single use plastic out there in the environment. Turtles are eating plastic bags because they think they’re jellyfish – and supermarkets can’t seem to stop wrapping unnecessary items in cling film. But have you ever thought of the terrible amounts of waste caused by tech that gets discarded? If not, we urge you now to think about it. E-waste is the next largest waste disaster after single use plastic. With the huge number of smartphones, home appliances, computers, TVs etc that we throw away each year, it’s a growing and terrible problem. In the US alone, over 50 million tonnes of e-waste are dumped in landfills annually. The trouble with e-waste is that it often contains seriously toxic compounds, such as lead and mercury, which poison the earth and potential water supplies.

The more times we upgrade out tech and our phones, the bigger the pile gets. Yes, you can recycle your old tech. At Darcy Consulting, we take our responsibility towards recycling and disposing of old components safety, very, very seriously. But even so, the pile continues to grow annually as our thirst for the latest features refuses to be quenched.

If everyone opted to spend a bit more money in the first place and buy tech they planned on keeping and upgrading – for say, a period of 10 years, the e-waste mountains and landfills that are growing daily, would suddenly start to shrink.

In our opinion, if you buy a Mac, you buy a computer that can be upgraded time and time again. You are also far less likely to need new components within five years, than if you had stuck with a mediocre Windows PC.

We are the number one Mac repair specialists in the Suffolk area. We also provide a FREE collection and delivery service. Our catchment is Ipswich, Woodbridge, Kesgrave, Stowmarket and Needham Market. Call us today on 01473 845011 if you need some advice on Mac repair and recycling.

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