Should I buy a refurbished MacBook?

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Should I buy a refurbished MacBook?

It’s a question we get all the time from customers who are thinking of selling on their current MacBooks and wanting to upgrade to a more powerful model. Macs are, after all, exceedingly expensive when bought new. The reason for that is the quality of the tech and the updatable software, which means a Mac that you bought in 2011, can still perform admirably against any new Windows PC or laptop.

However, there are a few things you need to consider if you are going down the refurbished MacBook route. While we’re very supportive of the second-hand computer market (e-waste is one of our favourite subjects) there are some parameters you should observe before parting with your cash.

  • MacBook diagnostics check

It goes without saying that you should most definitely try thoroughly before you buy. Take a USB pin containing some macOS. Take headphones too. Very often, it’s the little things you don’t check that turn out to be disappointing. Finding out that the headphone jack needs replacing also suggests rough handling of the hardware. This could alert you to other potential problems.

  • Aesthetic damage

Check the computer all over for visual damage. Look at the screws. Have they been taken out and replaced before now? If the area around the screws looks scratched, as though a screwdriver has been used on it, question the seller on why that might be. Look for any knocks and dents too. A drop damage can create a lot of internal repair requirements later on down the line.

  • MacBook battery diagnostics

Run a diagnostics test on the battery. That should tell you how many times the current battery has been charged. The rule of thumb is that each MacBook battery can have 1000 charge cycles. That’s not a lot if the MacBook is being used in its portable mode frequently. Once the battery reaches 750 charge cycles, the performance of the MacBook may be compromised due to low battery power. A new battery (Apple spec) can cost anything from £40 to £100. Make sure you check so this is not an additional expense later on down the line.

  • Refurbished MacBook screen health

The screen should be working well, because nobody is going to buy a refurbished MacBook that has a dodgy display. But check it over carefully anyway. Running an HD film 0r looking at some hi-res images, and then enlarging them so that you can see the pixels, is a good way to check the resolution on the display is intact. Look out for any visible screen damage, such a marks on the surface and dark spots on the display.

  • Refurbished MacBook keyboards

If the MacBook is a refurbished ex-demo model, it’s important to check the health of the keyboard. Sometimes these have take a huge pounding from being constantly in the hands of curious member of the public. The keyboard whould have been tested and cleaned thoroughly too. The keyboard is the most bacteria-infested area of any computer due to the constant handling. It’s important to check every function key, number key and letter key is working before you part with your cash.

  • Diagnostics:

Of course, if the seller lets you, you could always book the MacBook in for a diagnostics assessment with us. For a small fee, we can check over the refurbished MacBook and let you know if the sale is worth your time and money. Ultimately, you could easily spend £800 to £900 on the refurbished MacBook, depending on the model. That kind of investment is worth investigating before parting with the cash.

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