Lockdown is the perfect time to spring clean your Apple Mac

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Spring clean your Apple Mac: The clocks just went forward, heralding the beginning of Spring, and with more of the country than ever before, working from home, now is an excellent time to spring clean your Apple Mac. And we’re not just talking the keyboard (even though at this time, it’s an essential task) We’re talking sprucing up your hard drive so that everything runs more efficiently. This should make your ‘working from home’ experience, much more palatable.


  • Spring clean your Apple Mac desktop view

Let’s start with the basics. Aren’t you fed up with booting up and being faced with a messy view of a few hundred desktop apps? Perhaps your app icons are so haphazard that you don’t even use the shortcuts anymore? That’s often the case then a desktop gets so cluttered, that you can’t see which app to open.

Cleaning up your desktop couldn’t be easier – Apple Mac designers have considered this process carefully. Simply right-click and choose ‘Clean Up’ from the pop-up menu. This will automatically arrange all your icons into a nice, tidy, grid. Now everything is arranged in an orderly fashion, take a good look at the apps and ask yourself if you really need all those sitting there. Chances are, you only use a handful of them day to day.  Open up the desktop dock and drag out the seldom used apps with your mouse or touch pad.

  • Spring clean your Apple Mac storage

Keeping old and irrelevant files is something even the best organized among us do, from time to time. There are probably hundreds of unused images and video files on your Apple Mac that you simple don’t need. It’s a tedious and long job, buy ditching excess files and freeing up memory can have a dramatic effect on the speed and efficiency of your Apple Mac. You can also choose to store excess files on the cloud – or an external hard drive. Don’t forget to empty your downloads folder. Chances are it’s full to the brim with a whole lot of files you don’t need and never look at.


  • Ditch the duplicate files

You probably have no idea how many copies of files you have generated, so checking for duplicate files can be an excellent way of stripping down your clogged-up memory and cleaning up your hard drive. You might have duplicate files in several different locations too. This is your chance to get rid of the excess baggage and get your files more organised too.

The best way to seek out duplicate files, is to use the Finder option. This process is slow and you will need to delete each duplicate file one by one. But this will enable you to get rid of the files saved in multiple folders.


  • Refresh your wallpaper

Right now, we’re hearing a lot about how social distancing is resulting in beautiful gardens and houses getting done up. We’ll, this is your chance to make your Apple Mac feel refreshed too. Add some new wallpaper options and play around with the settings so that you can get different wallpaper throughout the day.

It’s a small change, but if you’re spending a lot of time working at your desk at home, it always helps to have a bit of a change of scene.


  • Apple Mac cleaning services

Darcy Consulting is a specialised Apple Mac repair service based in Ipswich. We have over 20 years experience in repair and Apple Mac servicing. There are very few issues that we can’t tackle, when it comes to Apple Mac repair.  One of our most popular services now is an Apple Mac deep clean. We can service and deep clean your computer so that it’s working well and is hygienic to use. For more information call us today on 01473 845011 – or visit www.darcyconsulting.cloud 

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