Suffolk Apple Mac Repair: Frequently Asked Questions

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Suffolk Apple Mac Repair: Getting your Apple Mac repaired – especially at a time like this, can be challenging. Many businesses are closed – for very good reasons. But I.T. support of a key industry when the vast majority of the nation is working from home, remotely. Therefore, taking care of your tech, becomes part of the wider picture in terms of supporting businesses, and of course, the beleaguered economy.


  • Is it economically viable to fix my Apple Mac?

Yes. In fact, repairing your Apple Mac is very often much more financially savvy than any part exchange deal you might be able to broker with Apple, for a newer computer. Fact is, that although Apple parts are still expensive, you will still save yourself potentially hundreds of pounds if you opt for a repair instead of a new machine. Even expensive repairs, like replacing a retina screen, are much less costly than replacing your Apple Mac.


  • What kind of repair can you carry out?

You might as well ask ‘How long is a piece of string?’. Our engineers have over 20 years’ experience in Apple Mac repair – and if it’s reparable, they can do it. From water damage and broken screens, to track pad replacement, data recovery, software issues, hard drive upgrades and more – your Apple Mac couldn’t be in safer hands.


  • How long will it take to get my Apple Mac repaired?

Obviously, that largely depends on how many machines we’re working on, and if we have the part in stock, necessary for your repair. A software issue could be fixed in 24 hours. But if a part needs to be put on order, it could take a few days. We do understand that any time away from your computer can be very challenging – especially if it’s your professional work horse. We do offer priority services at a small premium charge, so that you can opt for a fast-track repair.


  • Can you upgrade my Apple Mac?

Of course. Apple Mac upgrades are among our most common repair services. We usually recommend customers opt for hard drive upgrades – to the latest SSD (solid state drives) as well as an upgrade in RAM. Once these measures have been implemented, and your software has been updated and streamlined, you will see a significant improvement in the performance of your Apple Mac.


  • Do you offer Apple Mac cleaning services?

Yes. In these upsetting times, it’s vitally important that your Apple Mac is deep cleaned – especially if you think other people might have been using it. Computers are germ magnets, with all sorts of nooks and crannies that can harbour debris such as dead skin cells and crumbs. Keyboards are particularly viral and revolting. If you are looking at buying a second hand Apple Mac, we can service it, and include an intense deep clean. This will eliminate any contamination it might have undergone with the previous user.


  • How does your collection and delivery service work?

It’s very simple. Just call us today and book a pick-up with one of our engineers. Your computer will be collected and taken to our repair depot, where the repairs and servicing will be carried out. Once the assessment of the repair is carried out, one of our engineers will call you and let you know our recommendations for repair. We will always offer the most economical option available, and if there are more expensive solutions that involve more costly parts, we will inform you of that too. Once you’ve agreed on which repairs you’d like done, we’ll fix your Apple Mac, and get it prepared for delivery back to you.


  • Why do you offer a collection and delivery Apple Mac repair service?

We at Darcy Consulting, totally understand that time is precious, especially in the workplace. Time away from your Apple Mac could mean you are unable to work and are therefore missing out on income. We also want to make our service as easy to use and as convenient as possible. That’s why we offer a premium fast-track service for repairs, with a nominal additional fee to get your computer seen more quickly.


  • What makes a great Apple Mac repair service?

We would always say experience and customer satisfaction. We have a very strong core following of regular business clients, who would never take their Apple Macs anywhere else for repairs and servicing. That’s because we are transparent about our work, and we try to pass the best possible value on to the customer. We are also gaining new customers all time, as a result of word of mouth recommendations. These are the aspects you need to look for in a good Apple Mac repair service. Fact is, many repair services can’t offer the level of experience we have in this kind of technology – and their repairs are rudimentary, to say the least.

Suffolk Apple Mac Repair Services

Darcy Consulting is the number one Apple Mac repair service in Ipswich. We provide a FREE collection and delivery service, which means in these difficult times you can get a door-to-door repair option should your Apple Mac require repair at this difficult time. We also understand, that as the nation hunkers down to several weeks of working remotely, speed and efficiency of repair is essential. Call us today on Ipswich 01473 845011 to chat to an engineer.

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