Three best Apple Macs to buy in 2020

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Three best Apple Macs to buy in 2020: Whilst some people might be happy to simply keep on plodding with the laptop that they have; others have found that their computer has come to the end of the road. For those people, the only option is to recycle their old computer and find something new.

For most this is enough to do, but what if you are not sure what type of Apple Mac you want to buy and what will be best for you?

To help you on your way, we have put together 3 of the best Apple Macs currently on discount prices for 2020.

MacBook Pro 2019

With the price dipping due to the turn of the year, this is a great computer to invest in. This is thought to be the best laptop in the world at the moment and with good reason. The laptop itself is a great all round model, which means that it really can do so much for you. It is beautiful to look at and is incredibly stylish too. It also runs super quick, which is ideal if you are someone on the go who needs their laptop to work as quickly as possible. It also comes with a 4k screen, which is a great reason to buy it if you are someone who enjoys watching films and TV on their laptop.

Perks for the MacBook Pro 2019 are:

  • Pro retina 16-inch screen
  • Updated keyboard
  • Improved trackpad
  • Four thunderbolt ports


MacBook Air

If space ans weight are at a premium, the MacBook Air 2019 is a brilliant option. With a super high definition s 13.3 inch screen, the usability for working on the go rates highly. The MacBook Air battery life has been much improved upon too. This is perfect for those who are travelling with their Macbook. You can get as much as four hours power before you need to recharge.

Perks for the MacBook Air

  • Sleek modelling
  • Excellent screen resolution
  • Longer battery life

iMac Pro

If you’ve got money to burn, this is the powerhouse for you. Unfortunately, the is not on sale yet. And investing in this baby will cost you in excess of £4,500. It is however, a beautiful machine. Sleek, packed with amazing features, a screen to lose yourself in and it looks oh so cool in your office space too.

Perks of the iMac Pro

  • It’s the king of Macs in terms of power
  • Extremely good looking
  • Does just about everything but the laundry

Darcy Consulting Ipswich: Repair your old Mac

If these specs and prices leave you reeling with anxiety post the festive financial splurge, then perhaps you need to consider the benefits of a reconditioned Apple Mac – or an upgrade of your present system. A new SSD to replace your old Apple Mac hard drive will work wonders in re-vamping your Apple Mac’s performance. You can also upgrade your memory and software, which will lend your older Apple Mac a new lease of life. Call us today on Ipswich 01473 845011 for more news on our Apple Mac upgrades.




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