Three reasons to repair your Apple Mac

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Three reasons to repair your Apple Mac: With the global economy currently in freefall, spending out on a brand new Apple Mac is one of the last things most Mac users want to consider. For a start, Macs don’t come cheap. They are fantastic computers, but the price has, and always will, reflect the quality of the product. For a brand new MacBook Pro, you’re looking at an outlay of between £2000 to £3000 pounds. For a desktop iMac, the price tag is even higher. So, getting your Apple Mac repaired is a very sensible option. Here are our top reasons for upgrading and repairing Apple Macs.

1)      Repairing your Apple Mac is better for the environment

      Did you know that millions of tons of e-waste are dumped into the global environment every year – and that approximately only 18% of it is ever recycled? The components that go into making computers and the latest smart phones, require extensive manufacturing processes too, such a mining for minerals to create the latest chips and CPUs. This process is expensive and bad for the environment by itself, without the e-waste being added to it. So, upgrading and repairing your Apple Mac has never been more altruistic and responsible. We have a duty to look after our planet and not throw things away without getting the  very most use and recycling that we can out of them.

2)      Repairing your Apple Mac will save you money

      That’s right. Apple Macs are massively expensive – and repairing your Apple Mac rather than buying new, is a no-brainer. Just because your Mac is no longer under warranty, does not mean it needs to be replaced. Did you know that we happily upgrade Apple Macs that are over a decade old, with phenomenal processing and performance results? The reason for this is that Macs are built to last – and they are also built to be upgraded. Make the most of this and visit a qualified engineer who can quote you on parts and labour. Some may not have enough experience to handle a huge upgrade. Keep shopping around until you find the expert who can help you.

3)      Repairing your Apple Mac can benefit others

Did you know that there is a huge market for pre-loved Apple Macs? They sell really well and if you get yours upgraded, you can make a tidy some towards your newer model. This is much more financially efficient than trading your old Mac into an Apple store. Your pre-loved Mac will almost certainly find a great home – and could really help a small business or a charity perform better themselves. If someone can’t afford the latest tech gear, the opportunity to buy something as amazing as an Apple Mac is usually a dream come true.


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