Three reasons why Macs are better than Windows

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Three reasons why Apple Macs are better than Windows: It goes without saying that here at Darcy Consulting Ipswich, we are big fans of Apple Macs. As an expert repair and upgrade service, we like to think that we know as much as there is to know about these amazing pieces of tech.

However, we also recognise that many people out there haven’t had the same experience using a Mac as they have a standard laptop. Which means that when the time comes to replace their existing model, they feel that the easiest choice is to pick a laptop.

Well, we think that these people are missing out on a powerful and easy to use piece of tech. So, to help to inspire more people to invest into Apple Macs, we have put together the three reasons why we think that they are better than the alternatives that run Windows.

The MacOS

One of the biggest plus points for choosing a Mac over a Windows laptop has to be the operating system itself. Whilst Windows have done their best to make things right and Windows 10 is a step in the right direction; when you compare it to the powerhouse that is the MacOS, there really is no competition.

MacOS is clean, it is stable and it is incredibly easy to use. It feels like a nice way to spend time and to complete projects and it is something that even those who have never used a Mac before can easily get to grips with.

There is a limited choice

Now, we know what you are thinking, how can this be a positive? After all, don’t they say that the more choice the better? Well, we don’t always think this is true. Sure, there are a variety of options that you can consider with a Windows laptop, but with all these choices and variations it can feel a little overwhelming. Add into this that every laptop seems to come from a different manufacturer and we can see how things can be confusing.

Apple make sure that they focus themselves on ensuring that what they offer is the best quality possible. They don’t spread themselves out too thinly, instead, they make sure that what they bring out is top of the range, that each model has something great to offer. This makes the choice of what you are going to buy even easier.

Macs are secure

Security is a key feature of using a laptop or a Mac and it goes without saying that you are going to want to make sure that you are protected every single time you turn it on. Sure, a lot has been done to ensure that Windows laptops are as secure as they can be, but even then, things are not quite at the right level yet.

Macs are known to have a much tighter security net and this is why there are less attacks on Apple Macs then there are on Windows based PCs. Something that is key if you have data that you need to protect.

There are so many more reasons why it is better to choose a Mac. Whether you use it for home, for work for something in-between, we can promise you that a Mac is always going to be the right choice for you.

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